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Rune Factory 5, like many other farming RPGs, allows the player to marry certain NPC characters. Relationships and children aren't just fluff, they're the center of much of the game's content. Courting a character isn't quite as easy as it is in older games, too. The days of showing Harvest Moon 64's Karen your dog until she loved you are long behind us.

There are more than a few stages to go through in Rune Factory 5's romance system. Each character has their own set of story cutscenes that have to play out. There are also certain requirements to meet beyond just raising someone's Friendship level. You can't speedrun falling in love, but this guide will give you a few tips.

Bachelors And Bachelorettes

There are six male and six female marriage candidates in Rune Factory 5. Unlike previous installments, the game doesn't restrict marriage candidates based on the player character's gender. There are also no "special" bachelor(ette)s – requirements are the same for all characters.

CecilBeatrice *
Lucas *Scarlett *
Reinhard *Ludmila *

* Character is not available at the beginning of the game, and will appear later in the story.

How To Raise Friendship Levels

The first step to marrying a character is becoming friends. Friendship Levels aren't just for romanceable NPCs, they're one of the most crucial parts of the game. To make any character's Friendship Level go up, you will have to spend a lot of time with them. Fortunately, there are many different ways to make friends with villagers:

  • Talk to them every day. There is an icon above the heads of NPCs you haven't talked to for the day. Only one conversation per day gives points. If you purchase the greeting spell from the Crystalabra, you can greet people once a day for a little extra.
  • Give them gifts. Each character has a specific list of things they like and don't like to receive. Try different things and watch their reaction. NPCs will take more than one gift if you offer, but only one liked gift will actually contribute towards their Friendship total per day. Further presents won't count. Gifts given on a character's birthday have a much greater effect as well.
  • Level up their favorite skills. Each character has at least one skill that they care about. If you talk to someone after leveling up their favored skill, they will compliment you on your effort. This also gives a Friendship boost. You will gain even more Friendship as you climb to higher skill levels.
  • Do their Task Board Requests. Completing a request will boost Friendship Level with the person who posted it. Characters who are closer to you may even give you requests when you talk to them.
  • Go adventuring with them. Any character at Friendship Level 3 or higher will join your party if you ask them. You can then take them along into dungeons.
  • Go on festival dates. Some festivals, like the Seaside Lights Festival, will let you ask a character on a date for the day. However, they are likely to turn you down if your Friendship with them is low. Winning a Festival contest will also increase Friendship with everyone in town.

How To Date

The player character and their chosen love interest must be romantically involved before marriage is unlocked. Here's what you need to start dating a character:

  • A Friendship Level of 7 or higher.
  • Two of their Romance Events cleared. Romance Events appear as pink icons on the map. You can only have one Romance Event active at a time, and you must clear the current one to see a new one. For instance, if Lucy's Romance Event is active, you have to go and see hers so another character's Event can appear. Some Romance Events will not trigger until a certain point in the main storyline.

Once you meet these requirements, you can confess to a character with the "By the way…" conversation option. Keep in mind that your chance of a successful confession at Friendship Level 7 is actually somewhat low – if you get rejected, you will have to raise your Friendship Level before trying again. Of course, you can always save-scum your confession by reloading a previous save. Even if you get turned down, there is no way to get locked out of dating. At Friendship Level 10, all confessions will automatically be accepted.

Once you're officially a couple, you can go on dates to raise Friendship further. Each character also has three Special Date events, which work similarly to Romance Events. You will need to see all of these to get married.

How To Get Married

Unlike the sister series Story of Seasons, Rune Factory 5 only lets players get married after they have completed the main story. Once you're in the postgame, have Friendship Level 10 with your partner, and have seen all their special dates, a request will get posted on the Task Board. Accept it to unlock two crucial items:

  • Engagement Ring: Craftable item that requires 1 Ore and 1 Gemstone.
  • Double Bed: Palmo will sell this after you've accepted the request. It costs 30,000 G, 40 Stone, and 80 Wood.

Once you have these items, you can give the engagement ring to your partner to propose. Congratulations! The wedding ceremony will be held the next day.

Although it is possible to date multiple characters at once, you can only be married to one person. Also, there is no way to divorce a character, even if you drop their Friendship Level. Make sure you're ready to commit.

How To Have Children

Once 20 days have passed since your wedding, your partner may ask if you want children when you talk to them. If you don't want your character to have children yet, you can say no. The prompt will reappear a week later. If you're ready, say yes to start the series of events that will lead to your first son or daughter being born.

Same-sex couples can have children in Rune Factory 5. The cutscenes differ, but all the prompts and choices are the same.

Two weeks later, your spouse will prompt you again. Here you can choose the gender and personality of your child. The personality will affect their appearance and dialogue once they're born and grown into a child.

Wait three more weeks and the final cutscene will trigger, showing the birth of your child. You can name them yourself or go with the default name. Your child ages very quickly – in fact, they grow into a five-year-old immediately after they're born. Your son or daughter will have 10 Friendship Level by default. They'll be able to take care of themselves fine, but you can give them gifts or add them to your adventuring party.

One full year after your first child is born, your spouse will prompt you again about having a second child. This time, though, your character is guaranteed to have twins – one girl and one boy, so you won't be able to select gender. The game limits you to having three children.

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