RuneScape Continues The 20th Anniversary Festivities With A ‘Celebration Of Minigames"

RuneScape’s Grand Party continues this week with the Celebration of Minigames, according to a statement from Jagex. The team has also teased a bit of behind-the-scenes info and a few updates to player-owned farms.

The Grand Party in RuneScape wraps up at the end of January, but there’s still plenty of reasons to log in and celebrate. Starting today, the Celebration of Minigames event is taking place – giving you double currency rewards from every minigame. This includes Soul Wars, Pest Control, Shattered Worlds, and all the other strange games that can be found across Gielinor. The Celebration of Minigames ends next Monday, so cash in while you can.

To make it easier to dive into a minigame, the Anniversary Portal in the Lumbridge Crater now teleports you to any of the Games Necklace locations. Even if you don’t care for minigames, it should prove a useful way to quickly traverse RuneScape’s sprawling map.

If you’d rather spend your days farming, you’ll be happy with the latest Ninja Strike update, as it focused solely on player-owned farms. Here are a few of the changes you’ll now find in RuneScape:

  • Track your favorite animals via the Pen interface.
  • Food troughs have been improved. The ‘Make-X’ menu now automatically picks the appropriate food based on what’s already present in the trough. It also defaults to the max value.
  • A new set of buttons were added to make feeding honeycomb easier.
  • You can set animal buyers to appear through word-of-mouth. Speak with Granny or Prehistoric Potterington to learn more.

The team is also teasing a behind-the-scenes look at some unannounced content, as well as the reveal of a year-long mini-quest series. If you’re hoping to learn more, tune into Jagex’s livestream on Tuesday at 16:00 Game Time.

On another note, RuneScape is making all additional Bank Presets free on January 25. “Just like the Action Bars we made free back in October, this is part of our ongoing commitment to re-evaluate our premium offerings and ensure we’re providing value in all the right places,” reads the announcement.

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