Scarlet & Violet’s Influencer Gym Leader Reveals New Pokemon Bellibolt

Iono introduced herself a few days ago as the Levincia Gym leader in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. This boisterous social media influencer can't go in picnics because she's too famous, but she can tease her followers with a guessing game to try and figure out her partner Pokemon.

Giving us the clues "squishy," "sluggish," "easygoin' vibe," and that it creates electricity by expanding and contracting its big stretchy body, we were left to guess whether this was some sort of special Paldea regional variation of Slugma or some entirely new Pokemon. Turns out it was the latter.

Bellibolt is a brand new Electric-type Pokemon that resembles a giant bullfrog. Those eyes on the sides of its head aren't actually eyes–those are the little yellow "nostrils" just above its mouth. Iono's description is otherwise spot-on, with the only exception being that Bellibolt is apparently able to move quickly when it needs to, like an electrified, mucous-coated bear.

In addition to Iono's trailer introducing Bellibolt, we got to see Bellibolt in action in another video that was posted immediately afterward. As expected, Bellibolt seems to be able to shock opponents to the ground, but unexpectedly, it seems to get more powerful after taking damage.

As noted by Serebii, Bellibolt has a new ability called Electromorphosis which boosts Bellibolt's power after it's hit by an attack. One assumes this is due to its expanding body absorbing the blow and storing its energy as electricity. Then it's able to discharge that extra power in its next Electric-type attack.

Serebii also grabbed some additional information on Bellibolt. "It is difficult to train Bellibolt to initiate a battle without it being attacked first. After the sun sets, you can hear strange noises coming from Bellibolt’s habitat. This noise is not Bellibolt’s cries, but a sound emitting from their stomachs–it is known that this sound signals that they are hungry."

We'll see more of Bellibolt and Iono when Pokemon Scarlet & Violet arrives on November 18.

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