Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game – How To Beat Todd Ingram

Scott Pilgrim may have defeated Matthew Patel and Lucas Lee, but five more exes stand in his way of dating Ramona Flowers. Next up on the list is Todd Ingram, a telekinetic vegan and the bass player for The Clash at Demonhead.

Scott will have to best the beefy baddie and face some demons of his own to complete the next segment of his quest. As the biggest hurdle on Scott’s quest yet, there are plenty of tips and tricks that will make beating this rotten rock star a breeze.

Prep Work

Before confronting The Clash At Demonhead, head over to the shop just before the Main Stage. Leo’s Shop offers some concert memorabilia, some of which will bolster Scott’s stats before the upcoming battle:

  • Carbonated Water- $0.60 (+25 HP)
  • Potato Chips- $0.95 (+30HP, +5 Guts)
  • Wristband- $6.95 (+2 Defense, +3 Willpower)
  • Hipster Cap- $15.95 (+6 Defense, +7 Willpower)
  • Concert T-Shirt- $19.95 (+8 Defense, +8 Willpower)

Those looking to boost Strength and Speed will want to head back to the Shopping District in World 1 to grab the following items from Shockwave Records.

  • Smashing Turnips- $16.95 (+8 Strength)
  • Crash And The Boys- $14.95 (+8 Speed)

The Main Stage Boss Battle

Unlike the previous bosses, Todd Ingram’s fight ropes in his fellow band members from The Clash At Demonhead. Scott and his friends have to beat Lynette Guycott and Envy Adams before they get a chance to face the third member in the League of Evil Exes. Get ready for a multifaceted confrontation with the ladies in the band.

Lynette Guycott

First up is Lynette Guycott, the Clash At Demonhead’s drummer. This cyborg sports a bionic arm that allows her to use the following abilities during this confrontation.

  • Stretching Punch
  • Underground Uppercut
  • Rapid Fire Punch Barrage
  • Teleportation

She’ll start the fight immediately with one of these four moves. If she teleports, wait this out, as doing this for an extended period of time stuns her. Once stars are fluttering around her head, move in to deal some damage. When she starts using her bionic arm, move in close to render it ineffective. If she decides to use her Punch Barrage, block to negate any potential damage. Be on the lookout as she and Envy will intermittently swap in and out after some time passes.

Envy Adams

The second component of this tag team boss battle is Envy Adams. Scott’s evil ex-girlfriend will chase him down with a unique move set consisting of:

  • Kicking uppercuts
  • Flying Spike kicks
  • Roundhouse kicks

Unlike Lynette, Envy’s entire move set requires proximity to the player. Be wary of her flying spike kicks, though, as her windup is quick and the delivery is powerful. There will only be a second or two between the start of this attack and its execution. She’ll often use this move when Scott and company distance themselves from her, so be prepared to block if she gets some distance.

Up close, Envy typically uses her roundhouse kick in conjunction with her uppercut kick, and the latter will send players flying. Keep close to her and whittle her health down with repeated attacks in between her up close kicks. Repeat this process until she and Lynette are beaten. Once one falls, the other will follow, as they share a health pool.

Backstage Maze

After Scott and his friends beat Todd Ingram’s groupies, he’ll send them flying behind backstage. The Backstage Maze’s goal is to dash the hall, destroying each door on the way. Keep moving quickly because Todd is chasing. Should he catch Scott and co, they’ll take damage. With the game’s most difficult boss battle so far coming up, they’ll want to preserve that valuable HP. After exiting the Backstage Maze, Todd will initiate a bass battle. Press the bottom face button to slap him and officially start his boss battle.

Todd Ingram: Phase One

After an anti-climatic bass battle, this telekinetic vegan will send you crashing into the alley. This sets the stage for the showdown with evil ex number 3. Unlike the previous members of the League of Evil Exes, Todd will confront the player alone, using an expansive array of abilities designed to overwhelm his enemy. Be on the lookout for all of the following moves:

  • Telekinetic Choke
  • Psychic Toss
  • Psychic Shield
  • Brain Wave
  • The Vegan Beam

This large list of moves gives Todd complete control of the environment. Whether players are near or far, he’ll have a move ready to counter them. Pair this with a body that automatically mitigates damage, and players are in for a tough confrontation.

When Todd goes in for the Telekinetic Choke, mash any of the face buttons to break free. Rush him afterward and deal as many ticks of damage as possible. Giving him too much prep time will trigger his telekinetic item toss, where he grabs all interactive items on the stage and slams them towards Scott. He does have his Psychic shield to block front facing damage, but keeping him defensive is preferable. Prolonging close-quarters combat will trigger his Brain Wave attack that shocks and stuns players, so dip in and out of attacking.

Todd’s most dangerous attack is his Vegan Beam. This ultimate attack hits everything directly in front of him with an organic massacre. Thankfully, there is a tell for when the Vegan Beam is imminent. Todd will flash blue while a warning sign appears at the bottom of the screen. Hop out of the way above or below him to evade this powerful move.

After its execution, the Vegan Police will come to sap Todd’s strength, removing his physical resistance to damage and stunning him. This is the best time to attack him. Take this opportunity to deal out significant damage. Once Todd starts glowing yellow, the final phase will begin.

Todd Ingram: Final Phase

The final phase in this boss fight will take all the previous moves Todd enacted while allowing him to use them rapidly. He’ll alternate between more aggressive use of Brain Wave and Telekinetic attack until he pulls out his enhanced Vegan Beam.

He’ll use this move up to three times in rapid succession, jumping to different areas of the map. Keep dodging this attack until the Vegan Police come to your aid. Several combos on Todd in his weakened state will defeat him. Well done! That’s your third evil ex down! Only four more to go!

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