Scraggy And Mimikyu Star In A Surprisingly Naughty Retro-Style Pokemon Cartoon

When we think of animated Pokemon shows, we normally think of the long-running anime series. However, The Pokemon Company has decided to mix it up for a change and give us an adorable – yet surprisingly risqué – animated short in the style of an old 1930s cartoon, starring Scraggy and Mimikyu.

And wow, do they make the most of this animation style. In the first episode of the new series, PokeToon, the animators creatively contort Scraggy into all sorts of shapes and positions, including some that look a little NSFW. Or at least, NSFW by kid's cartoon standards. The full episode is available to watch online now, so you can be the judge of it yourself.

The first PokeToon episode is titled Chase the Bean, and is directed by Taku Inoue. In its four-minute runtime, we get to see typical retro cartoon hijinks as Scraggy is hellbent on – as the title suggests – chasing that bean. However, it turns out that the beans are being dropped by Mimikyu, who freaks Scraggy out completely.

The PokeToon series actually started in 2020, but this is the first time the episodes have been available to watch in the west. Because they've already aired in Japan, we know that there will be seven more episodes, featuring Pokemon such as Gengar, Jigglypuff, Slugma, Pancham, and Magikarp. It remains to be seen when the next English-language episode drops, but considering that the episode title card is pretty much the only thing that gets translated, you can watch all of the episodes via now.

If the English-language versions follow the same release pattern as the original run, the next episode of PokeToon will air next month and will star Pancham.

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