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Throughout Season: A Letter to the Future, you will have the chance to fill journal pages, ranging from snapshots of cows to pages that question what is really going on in the world. Some journal entries may be hard to obtain, but we are here to help you.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at how to get every journal page in Season: A Letter to the Future. There are a few different types of entries, so we will sort this by type. Now, let's dive into the pages you can quickly obtain at the start of the game.

Introduction Pages

At the start of the game, you will unlock a variety of pages. There is no way to avoid unlocking these. The journal pages you unlock will highlight how you got to where you are at the start.

Additionally, you will automatically unlock 'Goodbye Ritual' after completing the ritual at home with your mom. This also serves as a tutorial for placing things within your journal.

Location Pages

Now, we have the bulk of the journal. These are location pages, which unlock when you take a picture or record in a new area. For example, the first picture you take in Caro Village will create the 'Caro Village' entry.

These pages need to be filled, which in turn, fills a bar on the upper left-hand side of your journal. Once full, the page within the index will get a black dot next to it, which means it's concluded.

Concluded pages prompt a bit of explanation, and give you access to stickers that can then be placed. Below, you can see all of these location-based pages. The obtaining methods we have listed are the easiest way to unlock each page.

Journal Page

How/Where To Obtain

Caro Village

Take a picture or audio recording in Caro Village.

The Path Out of Caro

Take a picture or audio recording on the pathway out, in the area with a bike rack.

The Long Journey

This will automatically unlock when you start the rainy portion after passing by cranes

Tieng Valley Entrance

Take a picture or audio recording after seeing the Tieng Valley welcome sign.

Serene Pond Area

Take a picture or audio recording of Serene Pond, which is on the right side of the street on way to Assembly Point.

Assembly Point

Take a picture or audio recording at Assembly Point

Cow Farm

Take a picture or audio recording of cows and buildings to the right of the Assembly Point.

Fruit Farm

Cross the bridge to the upper portion of the valley and take a picture or audio recording of the stepped hill.

  • Sophon and Kochi's house is part of the Fruit Farm.

Dig Site

Take a picture or audio recording within the Dig Site.

  • You will need to squeeze through the gate to get to the actual site.

Ancient Tree

Take a picture or audio recording at the Ancient Tree, which lies behind Sophon and Kochi's house.

West Forest Path

To the left of the Ancient Tree, you will see a path going past a well to stone steps with a warning sign.

  • Don't head behind the sign, just take pictures of this area.


Heading right from Sophon and Kochi's house, you will pass through the cemetery.

  • Take a picture or audio recording at Cemetery.

Cemetery Path

Take a picture or audio recording on the pathway right outside the Cemetery.

  • This is a large area!

East Forest Path

Past the Cemetery heading east, you will come to a dense forest path that has twinkly lights.

  • Take a picture or audio recording here, leading all the way to Matyora's house

An Artist In The Valley

Take a picture or audio recording at Matyora's house, located near the back (far east) of the East Forest Path.

Shrine Path

Take a picture or audio recording after coming to the gate leading to the Shrine.

  • This is another large area, consisting of most paths that you take after crossing the river.

Parking Lot

Directly across the middle bridge and next to the shrine entrance, there is a parking lot filled with sleeping people.

  • Take a picture or audio recording here

The Shrine of Tieng

Once you have access to the Shrine, take a picture or audio recording inside

The Seaside

After Easel leaves, you will be on the seaside

  • Take a picture or audio recording of the water and beach area here

Bench Pages

There are a few benches that you can sit on to add more journal entries. Below, you can check out the entry and bench location. These entries will automatically be complete when you obtain them, so you do not have to fill in the pages more.

Journal Page

Bench Location

View of the Valley

Across from the cemetery, there is a giant structure next to a bench.

  • Sit on this bench and choose to sketch.

Pate's Dream

Head to the same bench above and choose to listen to the tape.

Tieng Valley River

After leaving Matyora's house, the East Forest Path will continue over a marshy area.

  • There will be a wooden bridge with a bench; sketch here.

Seaside Wreck

At the Seaside, you will come to a circle platform looking out to sea.

  • Sit on the bench here and sketch.

Question Pages

Next up, we have question pages. The titles of these pages have a 'question', and several empty spaces in the shape of what goes there. Your goal is to fill these areas with photos/audio/items that you gather.

Journal Page

How To Fill

Who was Dr. Fumio?

Start this page by taking a picture of the statue in the plaza.

  • All required materials can be found inside the plaza, with three of them being murals.

What Are The Grey Hands Doing?

Once you meet the gate guard, you will obtain this entry.

  • You simply need to take pictures of Grey Hand activity

What is the Dig Site for?

After entering into the main portion of the dig site, take pictures of everything

What is Day Zero?

Once at the dig site, pick up a reel in the back portion.

  • You can fill up nearly the entire page, but to play the reel, you will need to head back to the Assembly Point and use the player.

What happened during the war?

In the parking lot, take a picture of the vending machine that has incense inside, which unlocks this page.

  • All materials needed for this entry can be found in the parking lot.

God Pages

There are three pages related to the three main gods of Tieng Valley; Tide, Din, and Void. These pages all require the following materials.

  • Drawn symbol of the god
  • Picture of god's statue
  • Picture of god's symbol rock at the Shrine
  • Prayer Slip
  • Drawing of what happened when you prayed

Below, you can check out each god, and how to fill out their page. It's important to note that you will need to know the name of the god before you can pray, which means that you need to visit the shrine before they can all be completed.

For example, you can take a picture of the statue for Void, but until you know its name, you can't pray at the bowl.

Journal Page

God Name

Statue Location

Who is the god in the Field of Flowers?

Void (God of Forgetting)

At the back of the flower field, past the sign in the West Forest Path

Who is the god on the cliff?

Tide (God of Dreams)

After passing through the gate on the shrine path, head upwards and the statue will be on the left.

Who is Din?

Din (God of Memories)

Take the path curving up from the parking lot, and you will see this giant four-legged statue.

The prayer slips for each god is found near the prayer bowl. You can read through the slips, and then choose the one you want to pray with.

You will need to speak the correct name of the god, or nothing will happen. For example, if you pray to Din and choose to say 'Tide', nothing will happen.

Misc. Pages

Lastly, we have miscellaneous pages. These don't fit into any one category.

Journal Page

How To Unlock

How To Leave Home

After leaving the village, a cutscene will occur, which unlocks this complete page.

The Elder

This will unlock when you listen to a tape while taking shelter from the rain.

  • You can choose the flow of conversation for this page.

A Life on the Lawn

This is part of Sophon's side quest. All you need to do is help her pack.

  • Go to the various marked interactable items in her yard and help her choose what to pack.

Kochi's Tour

After completing Sophon's task, Kochi will get on his bike and ride away. Follow him to the gate behind their house, and he will offer you a bike tour. Adding all the items and information you learned to your journal will conclude this page.

The Grey Hand asked if I could help

This page will unlock automatically when you leave Tieng Valley.

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