Sega Appears To Be Scouting Out Theme Park Locations In The US And UK

Sega appears to be exploring the possibility of opening indoor amusement parks outside of Asia, starting with a Joypolis in the UK.

Mario fans have got Super Nintendo World, but Sonic loyalists might soon have an amusement park of their very own. Well, technically they already do in the form of the three Joypolis parks that remain open. The thing is, much like Super Nintendo World, you have to live or at least pay a visit to Asia should you wish to see one of the three remaining Sega-themed indoor theme parks.

According to YouTuber Badnik Mechanic, visiting a Joypolis park may not require a trip to Asia in the near future. Badnik Mechanic has broken down a recent financial report from the China Animation Cultural Technology Group, CA Joypolis’s parent company. The report includes information regarding a pretty massive expansion for the parks.

If correct, and the plans come to fruition, new parks could start popping up all over the world in the very near future. The report indicates that the UK will be the first country outside of Asia to get a Joypolis, and that the theme park will launch at some point in the next six months. Since the report has been translated from Chinese, it’s unclear whether that means the park will be officially announced later this year, or if that’s when it will actually open.

The report suggests that potential locations for a Joypolis park in the UK have already been scouted. It also mentioned opening future parks in North America and mainland Europe. Although it will be the first Joypolis to open in the UK should plans go ahead, it won’t be Sega’s first UK-based amusement park. Sonic and co. previously took up residence in that regard in Britain during the late ’90s via Sega World.

The announcement or even the grand opening of the first Joypolis outside of Asia could be a part of Sonic’s 30th-anniversary celebrations. Sega finally broke its silence last week and revealed a bunch of new Sonic games to celebrate the blue blur’s birthday, as well as showing off a number of games the hedgehog will be making cameo appearances in throughout the year.

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