Sega Has No Plans For A Sonic Version Of Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker and its sequel were hits, letting fans flex their creativity and craft their own classic Mario stages. With Sonic's Mega Drive games featuring levels not unlike their Nintendo counterparts, you'd think a version for fans of the Blue Blur would be a given. Unfortunately, it sounds like this isn't on the cards at all.

In a recent interview, Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka confirmed that there are no plans to release a Sonic Maker. There are other Sonic games on the cards, but it's not likely that any of them will give players the ability to make their own levels.

Speaking to Game Informer, Iizuka answered 123 rapid-fire questions. One of them was "do you think we'll ever get a Sonic Maker?" And while previous answers about future games had been more uncertain, Iizuka gave a firm "no" to this idea.

Given the nature of the interview, there wasn't a chance to explore why Sonic Team doesn't see the value in a Sonic Maker title – particularly with the Classic Sonic renaissance that started with Sonic Generations. However, Iizuka does say that he already knows what the next Sonic game will be, so it's possible that there simply isn't the time for it right now.

While this may disappoint some fans, it's worth noting that Iizuka didn't deny some other fan favourite requests. Around the same time in the interview, he said that we'd get another Sonic Adventure "someday". It sounds like it's something he's quite eager to work on, with Sonic Adventure 2 being both his favourite game to play and work on. It even contains his favourite Crush 40 track, Live and Learn.

It doesn't end there. While not as firm as his comments on Sonic Adventure 3, he isn't ruling out remakes. When asked about the possibility of a revamped Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2, he replies, "I have no idea". I mean hey, it's not a no, right?

In any case, Sonic Frontiers will be with us soon, as it's set to launch late 2022.

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