Shadow Warrior 3 Is Cursing On Over To PS4 And Xbox One

Devolver Digital has announced that Shadow Warrior 3 will be heading to PS4 and Xbox One alongside the previously announced PC version sometime later this year. Revealed during IGN’s exclusive preview of the “Doomsday Device” level, it will be interesting to see if next-gen versions get released or if there will be any enhancements for players lucky enough to get their hands on a PS5 or Series X. At any ready, those wanting some more Wang in their lives will be able to do so without a fancy PC.

A new trailer was also released giving us a glimpse at how Shadow Warrior 3 is shaping up. Despite the oddly low FOV, the Doomsday Device is actually the level shown off in the game’s reveal trailer last year. Full of twisted traps and buckets of blood, Shadow Warrior 3 still looks like the Bulletstorm sequel we never got.

There is a lot of DNA from Shadow Warrior 2 here, which makes me a bit nervous. Developer Flying Wild Hog did a solid job updating Lo Wang for the modern era with its first stab in the Shadow Warrior reboot, but the sequel opted to go the looter shooter route and was worse off for it. I like the wacky guns, but I just hope the XP system and level design get overhauled.

It’s still too early to tell, but Shadow Warrior 3 does seem to be shaping up nicely. It’s definitely been long enough since Wang graced us with his presence. Here’s hoping for a co-op mode.

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