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Depending on your player character's build, Blitz is either one of the most important or least useful party members that you can recruit in Shadowrun: Dragonfall. This is because he is a Decker. He's a pretty competent one, for sure, but if you make your player character a Decker, Blitz is highly likely to get outshined.

That's not all Blitz can do, however. He also has a pretty nifty SMG and a Drone that he's called Max, both of which make Blitz a decent choice for missions that involve a decent amount of combat.

Blitz's Best Skills

Characters in Dragonfall will level up after every two shadowruns you complete whether you take them along or not. Since you recruit Blitz later than the other three characters, who are with you from the start, he comes with one less ability choice.

As you'd expect, Blitz's upgrade choices are pretty firmly split between the physical and the digital.

UpgradeChoice AChoice B
1Augment SMG: Blitz's SMG now pierces 1 armor.Augment Eye: Blitz's cybereyes are upgraded – he now has an accuracy boost of 6% instead of 3%.
2Augment Decking: Increases Blitz's Decking by 1.Augment ESP Control: Blitz's ESP Control skill is increased by 1.
3Gain Cyberdeck: Blitz gains the best Deck in the game, the Fairlight Excalibur.Gain Hydraulic Jack: Gives Blitz a 0 AP cost ability that increases his movement by 4 for one round.
4Augment Decking: Attacks on Blitz in the physical world have their damage reduced by 3 when Blitz is jacked into the Matrix.Upgrade Mark Target: Mark Target now reduces the target's armor by 2.

While most characters in the game can safely mix and match their skills, Blitz generally really on has two builds – one for if he's your main Decker, and one for if he isn't.

Our Recommended Build

This build takes Augment Eye, Augment Decking, Gain Cyberdeck, and Augment Decking.

This build turns Blitz into your main Decker, augmenting the relevant skills and even giving him some defensive utility for the long periods of time he'll spend in the Matrix. The choices are pretty self-explanatory – they're basically the bare minimum for turning Blitz into a competent Decker given the challenges the game throws at you.

If instead, you make your player character a Decker, the best build for Blitz would reverse every choice except for the first one. The added accuracy from the cybereyes is too helpful to give up. If you find that you have a lot of trouble in the Matrix, consider keeping the upgraded Cyberdeck, too – it's useful for Blitz's personal mission where you're forced to control him in the Matrix.

Getting A Drone And Hijack Commlink

Blitz can gain some new tricks depending on how you play the game.

  • To get his Drone, Max, you need to acquire the broken Drone from the vault during the Drug Pit run at the beginning of the game. Give it to Maliit (found just south of the safehouse) to repair and pick it up after completing another run. Then, give it to Blitz – he'll be able to use it in combat. It's not the best Drone in the game, but it's handy.
  • To get the Hijack Commlink skill, you simply need to complete Blitz's personal quest. This skill allows Blitz to confuse an enemy, making them fight for your side for a few turns.

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