Shiny Eternatus Is GameStop’s Next Pokemon Sword & Shield Giveaway

Despite Pokemon Scarlet & Violet just on the horizon, there are plenty of players still exploring the Galar region thanks to Game Freak's rather impressive post-game support for Pokemon Sword & Shield. If you're one of those people, you may be interested to know that GameStop is doing another shiny Pokemon giveaway, as you'll be able to nab a Shiny Eternatus later this month if you're quick enough.

Announced via GameStop's official Twitter account, Pokemon Sword & Shield players can visit a GameStop store to pick up a shiny Eternatus code between September 18 and October 1. You don't actually have to purchase the game itself to pick up the code, but be aware that the offer is only available while supplies last, suggesting that each store only has a specific number of codes to dish out. That means, if you really want this shiny Legenedary, you'd best mark the date in your calendar.

Even if it wasn't shiny, Eternatus is still a great Pokemon to have in your back pocket. The Poison/Dragon type legendary is one of the more popular picks for the lower tiers of competitive play, mostly down to its speed, high special attack, and how bulky it is. With moves like Flamethrower, Sludge Bomb, and Dynamax Cannon, Eternatus is a pretty versatile threat for any trainer to deal with, but it's bulk combined with the ability to learn Toxic and Recover also makes it a pretty decent option for stall tactics.

If all you Europeans out there are feeling jealous, there's actually a giveaway still going on for players in several European countries. Until September 30, players in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, and France can all go to their GameStop equivalents and pick up a code for three mythical Pokemon – Genesect, Volcanion, and Marshadow. It's the perfect opportunity to bulk out your Pokedex and grab some powerful 'mons in the process.

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