Shohreh Aghdashloo Would "Absolutely" Return To Mass Effect

She's currently dropping F-bombs at Marco Inaros and trying to save Earth in Amazon Prime's sci-fi hit, The Expanse, but Shoreh Aghdashloo is no stranger to space operas. She had also lent her iconic voice to the Mass Effect series for the role of Admiral Shala'Raan vas Tonbay, one of the leaders of the nomadic Quarian race.

It's been a while since Aghdashloo's appearance in the series, but according to an interview with Express, she's keen on returning to it. "Yes, absolutely,” she explained when asked if she'd like to appear in the Mass Effect TV show. "I enjoy doing those games and sometimes, to tell you the truth, the lines I was doing were so familiar to The Expanse.'"

"One time, while I was taping lines in Toronto, during shooting The Expanse, I thought to myself, ‘oh my gosh, these are so similar to my lines from Mass Effect.' Everybody laughed because we were trying to tell the same story,” she continued. She went on to say that one of the reasons she liked portraying Shala'Raan was because she didn't “have to wear makeup". “The sky is my limit,” Aghdashloo continued. “I can do whatever I like [while recording] behind those closed doors without being afraid of being on camera.”

Amazon recently dropped the first episode of The Expanse season six. Aghdashloo's character, Chrisjen Avasarala, is backed into a corner as Earth is under constant threat from Marco Inaros' Free Navy. The Belters are rallying around Inaros, who has convinced them that the 'inners' are the reason for their downtrodden lives.

The Expanse also featured among the announcements at The Game Awards. The Expanse: A Telltale Series will see the return of Telltale Games after the studio was shut down in 2018. This announcement was the first we heard from it after it was reformed in 2019.

The reveal trailer featured Cara Gee reprising her role as Camina Drummer, who was shown in the game series' distinct art style, walking aboard a belter rockhopper floating near Jupiter. It also showcased some of The Expanse's hallmarks, like the magnetic boots and tossing people out of an air-lock.

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