Sifu PS5 File Size Is Just 7GB, According To Leak

In our current era of supermassive games (not the Until Dawn devs, we're talking about big files) that often surpass the 100GB mark, it is always nice to get something that needs ten times less free space and won't cause you to delete several titles from the library. Fortunately, the upcoming Sifu will take up just 7GB on your PS5.

The PlayStation Game Size Twitter account, which tracks the files directly added to PSN, has revealed that Sifu's pre-load on PS5 will start on February 6, which is two days prior to its official launch. Thanks to its tiny 7.1GB file size, you'll download the game in no time even without the pre-load — just go grab some snacks after you press the download button, and it'll probably be done by the time you sit back down. The action brawler will most likely be of comparable size across other platforms, but we'll have to wait to know for sure.

The leak also shed some light on Sifu's mission list, which apparently comprises only six story levels — the prologue, the Squats, the Club, the Museum, the Tower, and the Sanctuary. Some levels you already might have seen in the game's trailers, yet we don't know how big those locations really are. Presumably, one unique boss will wait for you at the end of each mission to put your martial arts skills to the test.

Developed by Sloclap, Sifu is centered on the protagonist's journey for revenge. The project offers a realistic and brutal combat system based on the Pak Mei Kung Fu technique. There are some pretty original solutions regarding its game over system, as you grew older and more experienced each time you die — until the point of non-return.

If you end up hooked by the game's combat mechanics, you may wish to beat Sifu multiple times, with some additional benefits to that. As the studio revealed, the story will get a fresh coat of paint in that case as there are several "hidden secrets inside." Thanks to the project's tiny size, Sifu may just stick around on your gaming device long enough for you to discover everything it offers.

Sifu is launching on February 8 on PS5, PS4, and PC. The game will be also getting a physical release on the console in Spring 2022.

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