Sign-up for Swords of Gargantua’s 2nd Closed Beta Test

Last month Japanese studios Yomuneco and gumi Inc. launched their first closed beta for upcoming action title Swords of Gargantua. This week the developers have begun a second closed beta, but this time they’re accepting a much bigger pool of players to join in and provide feedback.

Just like before, if you’re keen on applying you’ll need an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset and then head on over to Swords of Gargantua’s Discord channel. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the #beta-apply channel. If accepted, all beta testers who share their feedback through a provided survey will be given the opportunity to have their name added to the credits as a Closed Beta Tester.

For this second beta test Yomuneco has included several new additions, including a new combo system that amplifies your damage after a successful block, dodge or parry, more weapons to fight with – a Samurai sword and Club – plus instead of pre-set enemy waves, now players will fight enemies based on how well they perform. The stronger you are, the harder the enemy.

The Swords of Gargantua closed beta is already running so sign-up as quickly as possible to avoid missing out. The beta will run until Sunday, 7th April 2019.

Designed as proper hack n’ slash style adventure, with Swords of Gargantua the studio has paid particular attention to making the sword-based gameplay as realistic as possible. Thus ensuring every player movement is finely tuned and mirrored directly in the virtual world.

This isn’t a solitary experience either. With a cross-platform four-player co-op mode you can collaborate with friends on taking down all sorts of dangerous enemies. There will be a variety of weapons for different gameplay styles, with a total of 30 to unlock across 100 single-player missions, while multiplayer will feature native voice chat, allowing you to develop strategies with your team before heading into combat.

VRFocus saw an early version at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2018, saying in the preview: “What was shown is certainly exciting, with an intriguing storyline mixed with gritty aesthetics and fluid combat.” Yomuneco has yet to reveal a launch window or date for Swords of Gargantua, when it does VRFocus will let you know.

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