Silent Hill: The Short Message Gets Rating In South Korea

Two games from publisher UNIANA, known for publishing several Konami games in Korea, have been rated in South Korea today. However, there's one, in particular, that has sparked interest—Silent Hill: The Short Message.

Spotted by Gemtasu, it's unclear what this new game is as it hasn't been officially announced yet. That being said, there have been rumours and leaks about new Silent Hill releases for years now. And one of the rumours is that there's an imminent free-to-play P.T-like teaser codenamed 'Sakura' for a new game. Many are already speculating that it's what The Short Message is.

It's certainly a playable game, whatever it is, as it has been listed by the South Korean game rating board. It was also rated alongside the infamous eFootball 2023. Regardless, we don't know when The Short Message will actually arrive—some believe it will come in time for Halloween or The Game Awards—but until Konami announces anything, all we can do is wait.

There are a few other leaks and rumours about different Silent Hill games out there, but there was controversy last week as DanAllenGaming accidentally revealed that he was TheRealInsider, a leaker who had been sharing information under NDA. While many of these leaks turned out to be true, building up their reputation as an insider as their namesake suggests, Allen revealed that he had completely fabricated rumours about Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid.

Allen said that he'd been pushing "bullshit" about new Silent Hill games and a Metal Gear Solid remake, so take what's out there with a grain of salt. However, the new rating seems to hint that something is happening with Silent Hill, even if that something might be a smaller demo in the build-up to a bigger announcement.

It's believed that the 'Sakura' demo leaks are for a whole new Silent Hill game, but there have also been leaked images from an alleged Bloober Team Silent Hill 2 remake. This might just be the comeback that fans have long been waiting for.

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