Skyrim Mod Adds Dark Souls’ Bonfires You Can Rest At And Fast Travel From

One of the problems with Skyrim is that there are few landmarks that offer true safety. You never know when the Brotherhood or some squadron of vampires might come after you in the middle of the night. If only there were truly safe spaces for a Dragonborn to rest their weary head.

Now there are thanks to modder Michael7R. Taking hefty inspiration from the Dark Souls series, the Bonfires of Skyrim mod "adds 16 Dark Souls inspired bonfires around Skyrim with a bottomless box and can be rested at and fast traveled to." The locations of each of these new bonfires, which look a lot like the bonfires from Dark Souls, can be found in all major towns, at Lake Ilinalta near the guardian stones, the Hot Springs, Throat of the World, Bleak Falls Barrow, and Karthspire.

Skyrim already has an extensive fast travel system, but a bottomless item storage option is certainly a boon to adventurers. And a spot where you can rest without fear of being harmed is also a big benefit. There’s no word on the mod description about whether resting at a bonfire would cause every bandit, dragon, and mudcrab to respawn, but Skyrim automatically respawns most slain foes after 10 in-game days.

Michael7R is also taking suggestions from fans over on Nexus Mods for where to add more bonfires, so head to the Bonfires of Skyrim page and leave a post if there’s a location that deserves a bonfire. Note that Bonfires of Skyrim is approved for Skyrim Special Edition, but there are reports of issues with Anniversary Edition.

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