Skyrim Mod Adds Elden Ring-Style Messages For Other Players

Skyrim is a largely solo experience, which is how most Skyrim players probably like it, but what if there was a way to add just a hint of the social experience one gets from other game franchises. Like, say, perhaps, the Dark Souls series and its message system. Then you’d get the Building Bridges mod, recently uploaded by creator TommInfinite.

Building Bridges adds the ability to leave messages for other players just like you can in Dark Souls, Demon Souls, and Elden Ring. All you have to do is install the mod, connect to the Nexus Mods network, and then start writing. Building Bridges is compatible with both Skyrim Special Edition and Anniversary Edition and is compatible with most other Skyrim mods.

Installation of the Building Bridges mod is a little more complex than other mods. First, download the right version of the mod for the version of Skyrim installed. After that, you’ll need to get your Nexus API Key from Nexus Mods via this link. You’ll need that key to connect to the network once you first boot the game. Once you’ve entered the key, load up any save file to get your Building Bridges key. Then restart the game. After all that, you’re ready to start posting using the default “b” key.

The rules for Building Bridges are largely similar to Elden Ring, but with a few enhancements. First, you’re not just limited to a pre-set list of words–you can type any message you’d like, provided that message follows the moderation rules. Yes, there’s a reporting system, and yes, moderators can both remove offensive messages and also boot mod users from the network for repeated offenses.

Messages can be rated, and unlike in Elden Ring, high ratings also provide users with tangible benefits. Positive message ratings will provide players with experience that levels up their Building Bridges standing, giving those players the ability to write more and longer messages. A level one player can write 20 messages with up to 115 symbols, but a max level player can write 31 messages with up to 170 symbols.

You can also manage your messages, delete ones you don’t like anymore, and even hide messages, so they’ll only display for you.

Building Bridges is available now over on Nexus Mods here. Thanks to VG247 for the tip.

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