Skyrim Mod Lets You Live The Ultimate NPC Life, Growing From Child To Elder

While Skyrim offers a well crafted canvas onto which players can project their fantasies of being a thief, a soldier, a mage, a vampire, a werewolf, among others, many players prefer to embed themselves into Tamriel more plainly, living out their days as if they were one of the background characters, like an NPC.

One mod allows that particular fantasy, of a more ordinary lifespan spent in Skyrim, to play out as players will grow up with the country. The 'Growing Up In Skyrim' mod has been ported so that owners of the Skyrim Special Edition and Anniversary Edition can experience aging. The original mod was created by MimiTheAlchemist back in 2014, and has been downloaded more than 80,000 times, but the port now allows it to be experienced by more recent players.

The mod adds four stages of life to your character: child, teenager, adult, and elder. It means players will be able to grow up in Skyrim with your family and hometown that will grow up with you. You can watch a video of the original mod below (the link to the port can be found at the end of this article):

The mod will see you grow from a child to a teen to an adult to an elder as you progress your character's level. But not only that the mod adds a family for you and a home. This won't be a case of just you growing old too as your family will advance in age with you. The children in your hometown will grow too, adding a life's journey texture to the game, and children will get taller as you get taller.

Family members are also followers, so you can go on adventures with your siblings or parents. The mod will need players to install a playable child race but offers suggestions for that, while to get the most out of the mod it's recommended that players start a new game to begin as a child. The progression has you as a child from Level 1 to 19, a teenager from Level 20 to 29, an adult from Level 30 to 79, and an elder after reaching Level 80.

Skyrim has been out for this long, but its popularity remains high, so it's probable that players will be growing up with the game too in real life. You can find the Growing Up In Skyrim SE Port at Nexus Mods here.

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