Skyrim Players Write About How The Game Helps Them Through Tough Times

Society often debates about how video games may or may not be responsible for certain acts of violence or aggression in people. However, you rarely hear about how helpful those games can be for a person, specifically when it comes to their mental health. Thankfully, one player is sharing their story about how Skyrim has really helped them, and the responses have been so heartwarming even the Grinch would shed a tear or two.

Over on Reddit, user Snoo_86964 shared a post titled “Skyrim is the only thing that makes me feel normal anymore.” In the post, the user talks about how their life is at a low point currently and they are suffering through a bout of rough depression. Thankfully, they have found solace in Skyrim: “If it wasn’t for the ability to escape into [Skyrim], I don’t really know if I could handle life right now.”

While the poster seems to be embarrassed to admit such a thing, the responses show that they are not alone! Almost 300 comments in the thread feature other people sharing similar stories. One person empathized with the original poster sharing a similar story of how Skyrim took their mind off how rough their life was. Another shared that Skyrim helped them get out of bed every day after their mother passed away.

Post after post told stories of how Skyrim (and some other games) helped with bad mental health. In fact, there was so much support and comradery in the thread that the original user added a quick “Thank you” to the post. They admitted that the “support from this has actually really been helpful.”

Hearing these stories and seeing a community come together is a wonderful thing. Personally, I have always used video games, like Skyrim, as a way to boost my mental health and escape from the stress of "real life". I am glad I am not alone!

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