Slime Rancher 2 Gameplay Revealed, Coming In Fall 2022

Slime Rancher 2 is coming later this year. During yesterday’s reveal at the Xbox & Bethesda extended showcase, developer Monomi Park gave us a new trailer with tantalizing new details about the Slime Rancher sequel.

For those who didn’t play the 2017 original, Slime Rancher puts you in control of Beatrix LeBeau, a prospector who leaves Earth for the planet of Far Far Range to become a slime rancher. As the name sort of implies, slime ranching involves wrangling, raising, feeding, and breeding slimes.

Why would you want to wrestle slimes? They’re actually fairly lucrative creatures thanks to their production of a resource called “plorts.” Those plorts can be exchanged for Newbucks, which can then be used to upgrade Beatrix’s Vacpack, the giant vacuum gun she uses to suck up slimes and whatever other resources she needs on Far Far Range.

The first game received rave reviews and eventually found itself ported to every major console, and Slime Rancher 2 seems to be basically more of the same, but also slightly different.

For starters, there are more slimes. Yesterday’s trailer showed us a bunch of Cotton Slimes, which were the hopping slimes with bunny ears, as well as Angler Slimes, which look like land-locked angler fish. There’s also going to be a raccoon-shaped slime called a Ringtail and a flying slime called Batty.

Slime Rancher 2 still takes place on Far Far Range but transports Beatrix to Rainbow Island, so called because of its wildly varying colors. It looks like the sequel will have a bit more emphasis on exploration as the second trailer showcased a lot of what Beatrix does after she’s done feeding her corrals full of slimes. Rainbow Island is full of ancient alien artifacts and mysterious secrets that can only be solved through the clever use of slimes. And the things you make from slimes, of course.

Slime Rancher 2 releases this fall on Xbox and PC. The last game was eventually released on PlayStation and Switch too.

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