Slime Rancher: Where To Get Every Slime

Slime Rancher is a game about making a successful ranch full of slimes so that you can harvest their plorts. There are 16 slimes to capture in the wild, six of which are dangerous. In addition, almost every slime type can be combined by feeding a small slime a plort from a different slime species. Once combined, slimes will produce plorts of both types and take on interesting looks.

Keep in mind that slimes like Party Gordo, Lucky Slime, and Gold Slime can’t be captured or raised on your ranch. We take a look at each slime and where to find them.

Where To Find The Boom Slime

Locations: Moss Blanket, Indigo Quarry, and Glass Desert

Boom Slimes are interesting because they repeatedly explode, sending themselves into the air. This can damage your character and will also send you flying.

Tip: Ensure that their pen has a top to prevent them from escaping.

Where To Find The Crystal Slime

Locations: Crystal Volcano and Ash Isle

Crystal Slimes are found in specific locations in the Indigo Quarry. These slimes are also dangerous as they cause crystal spikes to explode out of the ground.

Tip: Have water on hand to wash away the crystals they produce.

Where To Find The Dervish Slime

Location: Glass Desert

Dervish Slimes can be found flying around the Glass Desert, where they cause tornadoes to pop up.

Tip: Restoring the multiple Oasis located around the area will help Dervish Slimes to spawn more frequently.

Where To Find The Fire Slime

Location: Glass Desert

As the name implies, these slimes are made of fire, and running into one is going to cost you some health. Fire Slimes can’t be housed with other slimes as they will make them jump, but they can be cooled down with water.

Tip: Fire Slimes will need to be kept in the trough of an incinerator.

Where To Find The Honey Slime

Location: Moss Blanket

Honey Slimes are rather friendly, but due to their honey bodies, other slimes around them will try to quickly eat their plorts, transforming them into half honey Largos or Tarr Slimes.

Tip: Honey Slimes can cause Tarr slimes very easily so keep them contained.

Where To Find The Hunter Slime

Location: Moss Blanket and Glass Desert

Hunter Slimes are harmless but do possess the trait to turn invisible. The danger comes in when another slime eats their plort as all largo Hunters are feral and will attack you.

Tip: Largo hunters are difficult to keep track of so beware before creating any.

Where To Find The Mosaic Slime

Location: Glass Desert

These slimes both attract other slimes and are able to produce glints that catch the floor around them on fire.

Tip: Be sure to have water nearby when trying to deal with Mosaic Slimes.

Where To Find The Phosphor Slime

Location: All of the Far, Far, Range at Night

Phosphor Slimes are extremely common and appear all over the island at night. To keep these slimes alive, you will need to keep them in the dark or put a sun-blocking shield on their coral.

Tip: Putting these slimes in the cave saves you the upgrade cost of a sun-blocking shield.

Where To Find The Pink Slime

Location: Everywhere

Pink Slimes are the first slimes you will see in the game and are literally everywhere. You can literally walk out of your ranch, and the first thing you will run into are Pink Slimes.

Tip: Beware of pink slimes sneaking into your ranch!

Where To Find The Puddle Slime

Location: Ring Island, Moss Blanket, Ancient Ruins, and Indigo Quarry

Puddle Slimes are a special type of slime that lives on top of the surface of the water. These slimes will need an all-water pen in order to thrive and can’t be near more than three other slimes because they are adorably shy creatures.

Tip: There’s a farm expansion with a secluded water pen perfect for these slimes.

Where To Find The Quantum Slime

Location: Ancient Ruins and Glass Desert

These slimes are hard to keep in their pens as they can easily teleport all over the place if agitated.

Tip: Check out our guide on how to control these sneaky slimes.

Where To Find The Rad Slime

Location: Indigo Quarry

As the name implies, these slimes are made up of radiation. Standing close to them will make your rad exposure go up quickly and eventually start dealing damage to your character.

Tip: The radiation effect stops when they are vacuumed up, but they shouldn’t be allowed to wander around your ranch.

Where To Find The Rock Slime

Location: Dry Reef, Indigo Quarry, Ancient Ruins, and Glass Desert

Rock Slimes are another harmful type of slime that is a bit aggressive. They will try to tumble into you on sight, so avoid them or suck them up with your vacuum quickly.

Tip: These are likely to be the first dangerous slimes you encounter so keep an eye out for those spikes in the early game.

Where To Find The Saber Slime

Location: Wilds

Saber Slimes are the strangest slime that you can keep as you can never have a small one. Instead, you can visit the Wilds once unlocked to collect Saber plorts. These plorts can then be fed to other slimes to make the Saber Largos.

Tip: Feeding Saber plorts to pink slimes is the easiest option to get a Saber slime.

Where To Find The Tabby Slime

Location: Dry Reef, Moss Blanket, Ancient Ruins, and Glass Desert

Tabby Slimes are another common slime that can be found hopping around a good portion of the Far, Far Range. These slimes will steal food and can jump higher than other slimes in the game.

Tip: Upgrade the tabby slime pen as soon as you can or they will get into your food supplies.

Where To Find The Tangle Slime

Location: Restored Oasis Locations in the Glass Desert

These slimes can cause others to start sneezing and will steal nearby food if they become hungry. They are found across the glass desert.

Tip: Tangle Slimes won’t appear until you restore at least one Oasis in the Glass Desert. 

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