Someone Built A Large PS5 The Size Of A Small PS5

Someone has built a large PS5 the size of a small PS5, please use caution and watch for emergency vehicles in the area. Just kidding, but it’s still pretty neat and the large PS5 the size of a small PS5 is still the size that thing should be.

As highlighted originally by GamesRadar, YouTube channel DIY Perks shared their process for creating a reasonably sized console. It’s a lengthy undertaking of stripping down one of the biggest consoles, then rearranging its parts in a sleek, carbon fiber and wooden case. It looks a bit like a proper retro console.

Matt over at DIYPerks took special care to make sure it even operates in the same way you’re used to, making sure even to add the smallest details like creating a special place for the PS5’s LED indicator.

DIY Perk’s take on the PS5 rids the console of annoying fingerprint magnet surfaces and awkward shapes, turning the device into something that fits a little easier into your home’s media center. Towards the end of the video, the console is even demonstrated performing as it should, so if you’re handy, anything is possible.

This custom PS5 is neat, but there’s been some real controversy around changing up Sony’s bulky console. Earlier this year, Sup3r5 initially took orders for a custom matte black PS5 before eventually canceling them.  Custom plate maker Dbrand, mentioned in the DIY Perk video, challenged Sony to sue it over its Darkplate design in a message on its website. Regardless, the plates on the PS5 are easily removed and ripe for customizing, so you know what that means – we’re making a large PS5 the size of a small PS5.

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