Someone Has Finally Modded Shadow Into Sonic Frontiers

Someone has finally delivered on the one mod that we all wanted to see for Sonic Frontiers – adding in everyone's favourite edgelord, Shadow the Hedgehog.

Sonic Frontiers has been in the hands of Sonic fans for nearly two weeks now and, aside from some small issues, it seems to be exactly the game that fans have been wanting since the disappointment of Frontiers. The community is clearly having some fun with it already, as there are a ton of mods out there for a variety of unique Sonic skins and abilities.

When you hear the phrase "Sonic mod", doubtless one of the first things you think of is one that'll make Shadow playable. Nowhere has this been more necessary than with Frontiers, where Shadow doesn't make any kind of appearance during the story. Well, now he can do more than make a cameo, thanks to a mod called "Shadow Frontiers" that was released earlier this week.

The mod comes courtesy of GameBanana modder TTVLuna, who has been working on the mod since Frontiers initially launched, recently sharing the near-complete version. The mod replaces Sonic's model with Shadow, changes the colour of his cyloop aura, and adds several skins for him, including one that turns him into Sonic And The Black Knight's Sir Lancelot.

Although the mod is in a playable state right now, as proven by this video showcase from YouTuber Sonic Terminal, TTVLuna has confirmed that there's still some work to be done on it and that it'll continue to be updated as time goes on. Although the model now looks like Shadow and has a unique orange aura to it, it still has Sonic's run animation and doesn't do Shadow's signature skating, even when boosting.

Still, considering it's only been a few weeks since Frontiers even released, the fact that we've already got a successful Shadow mod is sure to be a treat for Sonic fans on PC. Now we just need a Mario mod of some kind and we'll be all set.

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