Someone Has Modded CJ Into Stray, And It’s Horrifying

Stray has taken the world by storm, with everyone jumping at the chance to kick back, relax, and run around as a cat. Many fans are even modding their own cats in, which is downright adorable. However, one player has taken this a step further, and released what is perhaps the most disturbing mod yet.

Nexus user sir_galahad172 has released a mod that lets you play Stray as GTA's CJ – in cat form. The San Andreas protagonist has been horrifically deformed to fit into a cat model, unnaturally contorting his limbs so he can take the role of the feline protagonist.

The mod launched yesterday, and has already amassed over 50 downloads. This also comes just days after Stray's launch, proving how worryingly dedicated joke modders can be.

As you can imagine, the response to the mod has been equally as wild. "I played like this for a few minutes and I hate it but I'm considering playing the whole game like this", says user chunlisbk. Centerman shares this sentiment: "I wish that you could see my jaw sitting on the floor right now".

User jarack0 takes their reaction a step further, saying, "You are going to hell for this, and I don't even believe in the afterlife".

The Stray modding scene has definitely hit the ground running, with a good range of serious and daft mods alike. It remains to be seen what else the community comes up with, especially since Stray is only four days old at the time of writing.

And it's probably safe to assume that we'll see a lot more from the Stray scene. As we recently covered, Stray has beaten publisher Annapurna's concurrent player record on Steam. When it launched, it reached 50,555 players, which absolutely smashes 12 Minutes' record of 8,021 players. That's a whole lot of people who want to be a cat. Much like CJ, so it would seem.

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