Someone Made An Actual Truck To Play Truck Simulator

Video games aren't always about detaching yourself from real-life and stepping into a fantasy world. Sometimes people just want to play a simulation of something you can find in the real world. Yes, picking up a controller and stepping into a simulated world is one thing, but for one very talented and creative streamer, sitting in front of a screen with a controller in your hand simply wasn't immersive enough.

American Truck Simulator player ricotrucker1 wanted to take their simulated truck driving to the next level, as highlighted by Dexerto. Well, actually, they wanted to take it up quite a few levels. As demonstrated on their Instagram, one of the videos from which you can check out below, ricotrucker1's gaming setup has been altered to make it look like an actual truck cab. It has to be seen to be believed, and might well be one of the most elaborate gaming setups we've ever seen.

Ricotrucker1 has equipped screens all around what appears to be a real truck seat so that not only is there a full windscreen, but also the windows either side of them are working screens too. Not to mention working mirrors that show the road behind, or can be checked if the space behind them is clear should they need to reverse. There's even a passenger seat for guests who might want to hit the virtual open highway along with them.

Also included in the impressive setup is a steering wheel (of course), a gearstick, an incredibly intricate dashboard, and even a mic hanging from the cab ceiling should ricotrucker1 want to get in touch with other drivers. Most of the comments are quite rightly very complimentary, the setup is outstanding. However, some have asked why they don't just drive a real truck? Well, that would cost a lot more, they might not have a license, you would have to leave the house, you can pause it while you go eat or use the bathroom, need we go on?

Simulator games are an incrediby popular genre, whether you have an entire truck cab from which to play them or just the aforementioned controller. Goat Simulator will be getting its third installment soon, and The Sims 4 recently got a little more realisitic by adding body hair to the game.

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