Sonic Frontiers: Chaos Island Portal Stage Guide

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Chaos Island is much more challenging than the previous areas you've visited in Sonic Frontiers. Navigation requires heavy use of rails and obstacle courses, and its Portal Stages are some of the trickiest you've yet faced. You'll need plenty of Vault Keys to get the Chaos Emeralds, though, so get ready to hunt down Red Star Rings and zip through some high-intensity tracks!

Chaos Island's Portal Stages are filled with traps, false paths, and enemies. WIth this guide, you'll be able to find every collectible and earn an S-Rank time on all seven. See you at the goal!

Stage 3-1

The Portal to Stage 3-1 is on a hilltop across the caldera from the island’s starting point. Most of the tracks in the area lead to it, helping it serve as a central landmark while you get your bearings.

Red Star Rings

Immediately after the first checkpoint, ride the grind rail to the left. You’ll pick up the first Red Star Ring as you pass.

The second Red Star Ring is at the second checkpoint. Be sure to stay in the center of the track as you pass through.

After you swing on a trapeze in a wide, sweeping arc, you’ll see the third Red Star Ring on the set of platforms beyond.

The fourth Red Star Ring is collected while you climb a tall tower using springs.

The fifth Red Star Ring is automatically collected as you swing on the final trapeze before the goal.

S-Rank Tips

Stage 3-1 is a fast-moving stage, and you can speed it up even more by finding the many shortcuts hidden throughout!

  • When you see the first batch of enemies, look for some platforms to the left. Climbing them seems slow, but they take you to a set of boosters and springs that let you bypass the first section and go straight to the first checkpoint!
  • If you double-jump to the left during the first ramp jump, you can hit a spring that sends you to the top of the platforms, saving even more time!
  • In the narrow corridor after swinging across the chasm on a trapeze for the first time, ignore the enemies instead of trying to use Homing Attack on them all. Defeating the enemies takes up valuable time. Hug the inside wall for the safest route.
    • The same goes for the enclosed space after the third checkpoint!

    Stage 3-2

    The Portal to Stage 3-2 is just southwest of the White Emerald Vault. You can reach it easily by going directly north from the area where you fight the first Fortress.

    Red Star Rings

    When you have an opportunity to use blue balloons instead of using a ramp, take the ramp. It will let you reach an orange boost ring that will send you to the first Red Star Ring.

    After a long sequence of swing bars and a grind rail past the first Red Star Ring, you’ll see a cannon if you make it past without falling. Jump over the cannon and fall down slightly to find the second Red Star Ring before continuing. If you hit the cannon unintentionally, just hit the wrong button and it will safely drop you next to the Red Star Ring.

    Immediately after the second Red Star Ring, stick to the swing bars to go straight to the third one.

    When Sonic takes a long rail grind straight down, stay on the rail. The fourth Red Star Ring is at the very end.

    During the final ascent, stick to the swing bars. The final one before the goal sends you to a boost ring, which allows you to collect the Red Star Ring as you finish the stage.

    S-Rank Tips

    Stage 3-2 might bring back memories of the much easier Green Hill Zone from Sonic's early adventures, but watch out – there are plenty of traps here that will stop you in your tracks!

    • Whether you take the high or low road at the beginning of the stage, beware of the spikes just before the booster when the paths reconvene. The only way past them is to know they’re coming and jump.
    • On the rail with the fourth Red Star Ring, hit maximum speed and jump at the exact moment you collect the ring. This will get you to a platform that lets you bypass the spring ahead.
    • Be very careful when climbing the final tower. Falling won’t send you back to the checkpoint, but will force you to start climbing all over again nonetheless.

    Stage 3-3

    The Portal to Stage 3-3 is on a small island off the western coast in the southern half of the map. You can get there by using an obstacle course from the shore, but you can also complete challenges on the mainland until the Elder Koco on the island is visible on the map. From there, if you’ve found Elder Koco’s Scroll while fishing in the southeast corner of the map, you can simply teleport to the NPC.

    Red Star Rings

    The first Red Star Ring is on a raised platform immediately after the first section of the stage.

    On the other side of the big jump following the first checkpoint, jump over the barrier to the left when you land on the other side. This route is hard to see while going fast, but it’s where the second Red Star Ring is hidden!

    The third Red Star Ring is on the rotating stone discs midway through the level. Try to stick to the low route to be sure you don’t miss it!

    When you come to an area of collapsing platforms, the fourth Red Star Ring is above. If you decide to grab it without slowing down, be ready to use Homing Attack on the enemies across the chasm.

    The final Red Star Ring is impossible to miss, as you’ll get it as you ride the trapeze to the goal.

    S-Rank Tips

    Stage 3-3 essentially has two routes – a slow one with the Red Star Rings, and a fast one that bypasses them. We recommend getting the Red Star Rings first, then going back and getting the S-Rank time.

    • If you’ve already gotten the second Red Star Ring on a previous run, take the right-hand path after the rainbow hoops. It’s much faster.
    • By the same token, sticking to the high road at the rotating discs instead of going for the third Red Star Ring saves a lot of time.

    Stage 3-4

    The Stage 3-4 Portal is on the northern half of the island, far to the north of the White Emerald Vault.

    Red Star Rings

    During the opening rail grind sequence, stay on the high path. When the rail dips sharply downward a second time, jump to the higher rail to get the first Red Star Ring. Beware of the spikes just beyond it!

    When you reach the rails with laser barriers, take the low road to get the second Red Star Ring. If you find yourself on the high route, you can drop off at the end of the highest rail to land on the lowest one and catch the ring before jumping for the booster.

    After the second Red Star Ring, the rail will launch you into the air. You’ll see an orange booster between some spiked balls. Carefully Stomp into the booster to launch further up, then shoot forward to hit the next booster. This will get you the third Red Star Ring.

    In the next grinding section, hit the first spring to bounce to the rails in the background. Avoid any further springs to stay there – if you’re in the foreground, you’ll slide right past the fourth Red Star Ring and not be able to do anything about it!

    The fifth Red Star Ring is on the same track as the fourth; watch the track ahead and be ready to jump down to the middle level to catch the ring.

    S-Rank Tips

    The high road is always the fastest in Stage 3-4. As long as you’re careful not to let the laser barriers or spikes stop you, you can fairly easily boost your way to an S-Rank time with plenty of seconds to spare.

    Stage 3-5

    The Portal to Stage 3-5 is on an island between the mainland and the Blue Emerald Vault. Look for a rail along the coast southwest of Stage 3-4 to cross the water.

    This stage introduces slide boosters – these allow Sonic to maintain top speed, but cause him to slip and slide across the ground as though it were ice. You can't jump or boost while sliding, so your focus will be entirely on staying away from the edge of the track!

    Slide boosters look identical to regular boosters, except their edges are green instead of red.

    Red Star Rings

    The first Red Star Ring is in the center of the track, after the second set of slide boosters.

    The second Red Star Ring is also in the center of the track, just before the first checkpoint. Look for a wide column of normal rings right before it.

    The third Red Star Ring is after the first checkpoint, in the center of the track.

    The fourth Red Star Ring is the only one that's not in the center. Look for some crates on the right after getting the third ring and smash them to find the fourth.

    The fifth ring is behind the crates that appear immediately before the goal.

    S-Rank Tips

    Stage 3-5 ensures that you'll be going at top speed for most of the track, but there will be areas where you wish you weren't.

    • The slide boosters make it very hard to keep control. Whenever you’re running normally, use Light Dash on the lines of rings to make up for time lost slipping and sliding.
    • While sliding, take corners hard to avoid going off the outside edge.
    • You can avoid the slide boosters entirely by jumping over them as long as you aren’t already sliding!

    Stage 3-6

    The Portal to Stage 3-6 is on the northwestern-most tip of the main island, putting it directly between the Red and Yellow Emerald Shrines.

    Red Star Rings

    The trapeze at the end of the first segment takes you directly to the first Red Star Ring.

    When you reach the platforms that move up and down, wait patiently to reach the second Red Star Ring at the top of the center slab.

    While traversing the course of rainbow rings after the cannon gauntlet, carefully use Light Dash to get between the spiked balls and get the third Red Star Ring.

    In the section that combines balloons and rainbow rings, the fourth Red Star Ring is on a platform within easy reach – just don’t hit the spikes in front of its platform!

    The fifth Red Star Ring is immediately before the final jump to the goal.

    S-Rank Tips

    Stage 3-6 has lots of pitfalls and traps, and you won’t see any rings until well into the level. Don’t worry if you have to try several times to get an S-Rank time!

    • You can boost past many of the airborne enemies instead of bouncing off of them. This is especially true when there is a line of rings to Light Dash into beyond them!
    • When you reach the section with blue balloons and spiked balls, carefully time your Homing Attacks so that you don’t hit the spikes – one mistake will send you back to the checkpoint!

    Stage 3-7

    The Portal to Stage 3-7 can’t be accessed until you help Tails lower the drawbridge in the northeast corner of the main island. Once you’ve done so, you’ll find the Portal on the other side. There’s a Fortress patrolling the skies overhead, though, so don’t expect to reach this Portal without a fight!

    Red Star Rings

    The first Red Star Ring is along the main path, immediately after the initial rush. Jump to catch it before dropping to the next area.

    When you see a steep incline, check the alcove at the very top for the second Red Star Ring.

    The third Red Star Ring is on the grind rail immediately after the first checkpoint.

    Look for the fourth Red Star Ring on a platform after making a U-shaped loop upward.

    The fifth Red Star Ring is above the floating platform just before the goal. If you’re approaching from below, a double-jump into Light Dash should be enough to grab it despite its height.

    S-Rank Tips

    Fans of classic Sonic will know what to expect the moment this Chemical Plant Zone-inspired stage begins. It's full of traps, moving platforms, and enemies, so watch your step!

    • Once you’ve got the Red Star Rings, you can save a lot of time on future runs by jumping for the high route at the very beginning of the stage. Jump just before the track curves downward and boost to hit the orange ring.
    • When you reach the stage’s only cannon, be sure to watch the spikes in front of it. Only fire when they’re retracted!

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