Sonic Frontiers Mod Fixes Pop-In, Shows More Of The Map At Once

Sonic Frontiers was met with higher review scores than many of us expected, but it didn't come without a few drawbacks. Most prevalent are some pretty serious pop-in issues across all platforms, even higher-end PCs that could definitely handle having more of the map loaded at once. Now, we have a fan-made update to fix it.

Higher Object Pop-in by GameBanana user Sous-Titre does exactly what the title suggests – makes it possible to adjust how much of the map you can see at once. With the mod enabled, you're able to set it so that objects such as platforms and rails appear at a greater distance, rather than just pop in out of nowhere while you're running around the island.

The mod was shared late last week, and has already received almost 3,000 downloads at the time of writing. This isn't surprising at all, considering how bad the pop-in can be in the base game, much worse than other games in the genre.

If you decide to give the mod a go, you should be mindful of your setup. Some players report issues with game crashes, particularly on higher settings. Thankfully, the benefits are pretty noticeable even on lower settings, with the mod author showing how many more objects can appear with the x3.5 setting enabled. If you have a lot of confidence in your PC however, it can go all the way up to x100 – likely enough to never have a rail appear out of nowhere ever again.

The mod has received updates since it was uploaded to GameBanana, so any issues you run into may be addressed later on. Although with any luck, official updates will be rolled out across 2023, so that us lot playing on console can enjoy the benefits too.

We already know that there are some expansions set for the year, such as an update that will make Tails, Knuckles and Amy playable. It's also been suggested that the final boss will be improved in the future, so it's not a stretch to believe that the game's performance will be addressed too.

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