Sonic the Hedgehog 30th anniversary trailer hits you right in the feels

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The world’s favourite hedgehog is getting ready to reveal multiple new games today and this trailer will help get you in the mood.

On June 23, Sonic The Hedgehog will be exactly 30 years old. On the one hand that’s bad news, on account of how old that’s just made you feel, but on the other it’s good, because it means Sega is going to announce a bunch of new games.

There’s a livestream due to take place on Thursday evening at 5pm BST, but as the trailer above implies it’s likely to feature not just games but also comics and other multimedia spin-offs – perhaps even news about the live action movie sequel.

A remaster of Wii game Sonic Colours is widely rumoured to be part of the line-up though, with news of a new retro compilation also being leaked earlier in the week.

The big question is whether there’ll be any news of a brand new game. There hasn’t been a new mainline entry in the series since 2017’s less-than-wonderful Sonic Forces and while Sega has said it’s working on something the pandemic, and perhaps other factors, has meant they’ve never officially announced it.

What it might be is a mystery but since it’s obviously meant to be for the 30th anniversary you’d imagine it’d be something fairly special. Although given the pandemic that doesn’t mean it’ll be out in June, especially after Resident Evil Village missed its big 25th anniversary by several months.

The only official clue as to what the livestream will reveal is that it will offer a ‘first look at some of the projects, partnerships, and events’ for the 30th anniversary.

Partnerships could mean anything – perhaps just a reference to Paramount Pictures and the movie – but one of the events is likely to be a rumoured music concert taking place this year.

There’s also a 30th anniversary comic coming from IDW, a new 3D animated TV show for Netflix, a Lego set, an official energy drink, and an encyclopaedia.

So if you’re a Sonic fan the livestream is likely to put a smile on your face… and a strain on your wallet.

Did someone say news?

Tune in at 9am PT on 5/27 for a first look at some of the projects, partnerships, and events for our #Sonic30th celebration!

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