Spider-Man Fans Really Don’t Want Screwball To Return For The Sequel

Spider-Man fans are discussing characters that they don't want to return for the sequel and, to the surprise of no one, Screwball is at the top of the list.

Yesterday, after weeks of rumours regarding incoming news for Spider-Man 2, PlayStation shared a blog post that confirmed that Insomniac's upcoming sequel is aiming to release in Fall 2023. We sadly didn't get any new gameplay footage alongside the announcement, but that hasn't stopped fans from discussing some things they want to see in the sequel and, more important, some people they don't want to see.

The thread was started on the Spider-Man subreddit by Redditor T-28H-3, who asked other fans of the series to share what characters they don't want to see make an appearance in the sequel, be it their first time or making a return. Before even looking at the results, there's one character that likely jumps to everyone's mind – Screwball.

If you've played Spider-Man, you know how painful Screwball's boring missions were to endure, made all the worse by the cringe attempts at internet humour. She gained quite a negative reputation among Spider-Man players and that shows in this thread as the top-rated comment says, "Screwball unless she fucking dies".

This then led to some heated discussion about why Screwball is so univerally hated by the playerbase, along with several suggestions that she only appear if symbiote Spider-Man can brutally murder her in some fashion. Yes, she's really that hated by most Spider-Man fans.

Another popular comment suggests that it's too soon for Carnage to make an appearance, likely remembering how rushed his inclusion was for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game. Some players suggest that Cletus Cassidy could be hinted at throughout the story, but that his Carnage form should stay in the shadows for a little bit longer.

Spider-Man fans also don't seem to want Green Goblin to play much of a role in the second game, asking for him to be saved for a potential third game where he can really shine on his own, rather than playing second fiddle to Venom. We already saw in the last game that Insomniac can handle having a few iconic villains at once, but it seems that most don't want to see another Spider-Man 3 situation.

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