Spider-Man Remastered Mod Swaps Third-Person Action For Isometric Camera

Both of Marvel's Spider-Man games are now available on PC. Previously PlayStation exclusives, giving Peter Parker and Miles Morales a new platform to swing from has allowed mooders to do their thing. There's already a long list of mods available, especially for the first game, and now one that looks down on the game from an isometric viewpoint has been added to that list.

Created by DovaMan24, and available now through Nexus Mods, the mod trades in Spider-Man's standard third-person perspective for an isometric camera. That means it zooms out as if it's hanging from an invisible hook, or a web, in the sky and looks down on Spidey from a high angle. A far better view when it comes to fighting, and almost like playing an entirely different Spider-Man game.

DovaMan24 highlighted that they sort of stumbled across the mod by accident. They only created it to use while fixing issues with another mod they've been working on. Clearly thinking some Spidey fans might find it interesting and cool, they went ahead and made what began life as a mod used for testing available to whoever wants to play around with it.

If you're unsure how Spider-Man might look with an isometric overlay applied, you can check out the video demonstration above. Not only does it make the fights with henchmen look better, as touched upon, but it arguably makes them a little easier too. Yes, Peter's Spidey sense alert you to attacks from behind, but when the isometric mod is applied, you can see incoming attacks from all angles before they are anywhere near connecting.

If you're fed up of playing Spider-Man in third-person but this isometric mod hasn't won you over, there is another option. Someone has already added a first-person mod to Marvel's Spider-Man, but be warned, if you're going to take it for a swing, you'll need a strong stomach. You'll feel every last bit of those somersaults and spins when you're made to look directly through the web-slinger's mask.

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