Splatoon 3: How To Unlock Decorations

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Splatoon 3 is a game that manages to satisfy on just about every level. It’s quick to play, it’s easy to pick up, it has depth in droves, and you can mess around customising your swag. Whilst not perfect (no game is after all), it manages to stick the landing with elegance and grace the likes we don’t often see.

Customisation is a big deal in Splatoon and has been since its first tentative dip in the inky pool of game development. Whilst you can’t customise the specifics of your weapon’s loadout, just about everything else is. Splatoon 3 even lets you customise your Locker, and to do this, you are going to need decorations.

What Are Decorations?

Decorations are exactly what they sound like – decorative items you can collect and place inside your locker. Decorations come in all shapes and sizes, and all of them fall into specific categories. These basically boil down to various stickers, items, weapons, and items of clothing you’ve found over the course of your adventures (both online and off).

Where To Find Decorations

Decorations can be found in many places in Splatoon 3, and depending on what kind of decoration you are looking for, will determine where you should start looking first.


This might seem obvious, but every shop in Splatoon 3 ‘technically’ sells Decorations. This is because everything you buy becomes a decorative item automatically. If you want to display a sick-looking weapon, buy it from Sheldon. How about a funky set of shoes, or a dapper jacket? Visit one of the clothing shops.

Of course, if you want something a bit less battle-ready, then going to the General Store will reveal a plethora of buyables ranging from stickers to plushies. These change every day, so pop back in regularly to find something new.

Gacha Machine

If you head to the lobby, you will see a Gacha dispenser left of the food stall. This is a great way to find just about everything, although your results are very much tied to RNG. Go up to it, insert 30,000 coins, and maybe walk away with a decoration.

That price tag might seem ludicrous – and that’s because it is. We don’t recommend you use this thing for the most part. The exception to this rule is your first pull of the day, as this only costs 5000 coins, and this is well worth the gamble.


A bunch of decorations can be found simply by going through the single-player campaign and scouring the area for secrets. Early on, for example, you can find a decoration that lets you plonk an Easter Island statue in your locker. This is just one ludicrous example of course, and many other whacky decorations – both big and small – can be found this way.

Where To Find You Locker

Finding your locker is incredibly simple, but it is not clearly signposted at the start of the game. It took us several days to even realise this was a system we could mess around with. It doesn’t help that the doors to the Locker Room are blacked out until you try to walk through them for the very first time.

The Locker Room, and by extension, your Locker, can be found in the Lobby. Simply head through the double doors left of the Gatcha machine, which is left of the Food Stall, which is, in turn, right of the main entrance you enter from. Walk in, and boom, your Locker is ready to be customised.

How To Expand Your Locker

Fitting all of your swanky swag in your Lockers is impossible. There is simply too much to cram into such a tiny space. However, there is a way to expand your Locker – grinding. Your starter locker is tiny, and you can barely fit a gun in there, let alone clothes and cool collectables. Once you hit level 15 it more-or-less doubles in size. This lets you store more stuff, and do more interesting things within your Locker.

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