Splatoon 3 Will Feature Three-Team "Tri-Colour" Battles During Splatfests

Splatoon 3 will feature special "tricolour" three team battles as part of its Splatfests.

Earlier today, Nintendo revealed its deepest look yet at Splatoon 3 through a special Nintendo Direct, revealing a ton of new information about the game, including new stages and weapons, information on the story mode, and more details on the multiplayer modes. The final section of the Direct focused on Splatfests and revealed that they'll now feature a special new mode – Tricolour Splatfests.

Before revealing the new mode, the Splatoon Direct revealed the game's brand new idol group – Deep Cut. Frye and Shiver appear to be the singers of the group, but stingray Big Man also appears to have a role and will help read out the news broadcasts. It's because of the idol group being a trio for the first time that Splatfests will now have three choices for players to select.

Because of this, Splatfests will now have a special mode that has three teams competing against each other in a Turf War. The first half of the Splatfest will have two teams fighting against each other in four versus four Turf Wars. The second half of the Splatfest will have Tricolour Turf War battles, which feature three teams fighting against one another.

The team that is currently in the lead will start off in the middle of the map, while the other two will start on the sides. It looks like each team will still have four players each, so it'll be a battle between 12 players for the first time. The Turf War rules remain the same, with players aiming to cover as much of the stage as possible, although it appears to introduce "Ultra Signal" items that help cover one specific area when captured.

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