Splatoon Is Asking Pokemon Fans What The Best Starter Type Is In The Next Splatfest

Splatoon 3’s next Splatfest will be a Pokemon crossover special. Splatoon x Pokemon will begin on November 11 at 4 PM PT, giving players the chance to choose between three Pokemon starter colors representing the three starter types: green for Grass, red for Fire, and blue for Water.

"Grass-type. Fire-type. Water-type. This debate has perplexed our great philosophers for ages. Let’s settle it," writes the official Nintendo Twitter account. "Which type will you choose?"

The art that Nintendo included with the tweet implies that the decision will be related to the upcoming Pokemon Violet and Scarlet games, with the silhouettes of Quaxley, Fuecoco, and Sprigatito outlined in ink. None of them seem particularly Splatoon themed though. If we were really looking for a Splatoon Pokemon, look no further than Inkay. It’s basically a squid, although it uses psychic powers to defend itself rather than ink.

Yesterday's trailer dropped a lot of information on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. We found out that Lechonk might be a delicacy of the Paldea region, that picnics in the wild are a lovely time for Pokemon to breed, and you'll be able to craft your own TMs using scrounged resources. There's even going to be an autobattling function that'll work with your EXP Share so you can passively gain experience just by standing around.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet arrive on November 18, just a week after the Splatoon x Pokemon Splatfest. Expect Nintendo to share more details as we get closer to the big day.

In the meantime, Japanese residents can enjoy an in-person and digital concert from DJ KK and Deep Cut on October 9. The concerts are going to be hosted in Japan and broadcast on YouTube, although it'll be broadcast at 5 AM ET and there won't be any subtitles for foreign audiences. Still, live music is always great, and there are ways to experience live YouTube shows after the fact.

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