SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake – 6 Beginner Tips

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake is another entry in a fairly long line of games starring the popular sponge character. While it shares some similarities to the others, this is very much a new type of SpongeBob SquarePants adventure. As such, its exploration and combat aren't quite like any other game.

Thankfully, The Cosmic Shake is an easy platformer to get a hang of, so it shouldn't take long for you to get a grip on the title. Yet, the following tips can help speed up the learning process and potentially teach you several things you wouldn't figure out otherwise.

Break Everything

Jelly is an important resource in the Cosmic Shake. After all, you can buy plenty of fancy outfits with it. So, it's lucky that every level contains a bunch of the sticky stuff.

Some are just laid on the ground, while others are inside boxes and other items. Therefore, you should be breaking pretty much everything to get the gooey treat out. It isn't all breakable, but much of it is, and attempting to destroy it all will leave you with a lot of jellies.

Play It Like A Metroidvania Game

The Cosmic Shake is rightly considered a 3D platformer, like Super Mario Odyssey or Banjo-Kazooie. However, there is a Metroidvania element to the adventure. This is because there are many paths you can't take until you've acquired the ability to get you there.

So, with that knowledge, you can avoid getting confused by your inability to pass certain obstacles or push specific buttons. And instead, do your best to remember these hindrances and return later when you have the ability to overcome them.

Explore The Hub World

Bikini Bottom serves as your hub world throughout the entire adventure. Its main purpose is to act as a gateway between worlds. However, it's not just a place to get in and out of portals. There is actually quite a bit going on in the area.

There are sights to see, collectibles to find, side missions to acquire, and enemies to fight. Therefore, It's worth occasionally looking around the place when you're between worlds. You may find some interesting things.

Check The Awards Menu For Achievement Or Trophy Progress

As Cosmic Shake is a modern game, it includes a full list of achievements and trophies. A lot of them revolve around doing something a set number of times. The systems themselves are supposed to keep track of your progress for these sorts of ones. But they don't always accomplish that, which is the case for those in The Cosmic Shake – at least on Xbox.

This isn't an issue, though, because, in the options menu, there is an awards page. Here, you can track your progress for each achievement or trophy if your system isn't doing it.

When You're Low On Health, Look For Patrick

SpongeBob's health bar in the game is a collection of underwear. You lose one each time you take a hit. When you run out, you're dead. This can be concerning since you don't just take damage from enemies. You also lose health simply by falling in the water or out-of-bounds.

However, you can stave off death with the help of Patrick. This is because when you're on your last pair of tighty-whities, your balloon friend with bring you another pair. It's unclear if it's his own underwear or not, but the important thing is that it's useful.

Don't Be Afraid To Overuse The Karate Kick Move

SpongeBob has never been known as the greatest fighter in the world. Therefore, it shouldn't come as a surprise that he doesn't have an abundance of fighting moves in his arsenal during The Cosmic Shake. In fact, at the start of the adventure, he only has the spin attack.

Yet, in the second world, you gain a flying karate kick move, which is very useful in combat. Not only is it effective against pretty much every type of enemy, but it's easy to get a chain of kicks going, meaning you can fly around the battlefield attacking everyone in quick succession. Don't be afraid to use this power constantly.

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