SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake – How To Make Music For The Mermaid

While roaming Pirate Goo Lagoon in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake, you meet a mermaid. In the show, they usually travel in a group, but this one is alone. And she's not exactly in the best mood.

She needs somebody to brighten up her day, and there's nobody better at that than SpongeBob and Patrick. However, cheering her up isn't a completely selfless act. After all, your progress is blocked, and you need her special mermaid magic to create a path for you. So, this is how you play her a tune to improve her mood and convince her to help you progress.

How To Play Music

Thankfully, the game doesn't force you to go to any of the nearby little islands to get instruments or anything. Everything you need to play music is already right next to the mermaid. This is because to play a tune, all you need are your bubbles and the giant pans that are hung up nearby.

Like when you use your bubble attack on enemies, you need to wait for the icon to appear over the pan you're targeting to fire a bubble at it. Once you hit them in the right sequence, the mermaid will be pleased and help you out.

What Is The Sequence

Right next to the set of pans is a telescope that you can hit with a spin attack. When you do, you'll look through it to see the sequence you must follow.

It goes orange pot, orange pot, blue pan, red pan, green pan, and orange pot.

The numbers in the image below aren't the sequence. They're a way to label the pans.

Or if colors aren't your thing, and you were to label the pans from one to four, starting with one on the far left, then the sequence is four, four, three, one, two, and four.

If you hit the wrong pan, they may all disappear. To get them back, speak with the mermaid.

Hit the pans with your bubbles in that order, and then speak with the mermaid again to have her make you a path forward. You don't seem to have to worry too much about timing, as you can hit the pans as slowly as possible.

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