Star Wars Fans Pitch KOTOR Challenge Runs From No Force Abilities To Unarmed Only

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was an instant classic, going down as one of the greats when it launched in 2003. Now, almost 20 years later, it still has a dedicated following – one that has blasted through the tale of Revan too many times to count. And to keep things fresh, players are coming up with inventive ways to challenge themselves and justify another playthrough.

From roleplaying as Han Solo, beating the entire game unarmed, to even being a complete pacifist, fans are sharing the challenge runs they've come up with for KOTOR. Many of them some downright impossible, but they're guaranteed to mix up your latest run of the RPG.

These challenge runs come courtesy of the Knights of the Old Republic subreddit, after one player asked for advice on how to make the game even harder than the hardest difficulty available.

"Blaster Jedi are a solid, go-to challenge run. Make sure to stay light sided so you don’t just fry everything with Force Storm", SlipperyJim211 "For added 'fun', don’t use any Jedi Companions. Maybe stick with Mission and Zaalbar for as much of the game as possible." This goes a long way to go against exactly what the game wants you to do, as BioWare does all it can to make the player a Jedi force user.

On a similar note, we have the "The Han Solo run", pitched by Northwind858. "Play light sided Scoundrel/Sentinel, blasters only, once you get Big Z he’s the only party member you’re allowed to use and he must be by your side whenever possible for the rest of the game".

If these don't sound hard enough, you can go through the game unarmed. Just be prepared for a hell of a grind though.

Many in the replies also bring up a pacifist run another player, Reddit user TheMillionthOne,

documented recently. Unfortunately, this isn't a totally non-violent affair, as some characters have to be killed, but it still presents players with the challenge of reducing how many deaths they cause. In the post, TheMillionthOne shares how utilizing the sneak skill can help you complete an entire planet with as little as two kills. They even manage to get through Kashyyyk without taking a single life.

As for KOTOR 2, those of you revisiting it on the recent Switch release will be in for some extra content soon enough. The popular restored content mod is being added as DLC, giving you a fresh way to experience the Exile's story.

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