Start VR Develops ‘SJx’ a Portable VR Training Solution for St John Ambulance Victoria

Australian immersive content specialist Start VR has created a number of dramatic virtual reality (VR) experiences including Awake and the Battle of Hamel. Today, the studio will be releasing a very different project designed as a portable training solution St John Ambulance Victoria.

Called SJx, the interactive VR solution is a first aid training service built for St John Ambulance Victoria and designed for business to train groups of up to 20 people at once.

Compatible with Oculus Go headsets, students are presented with real-life simulation of a medical emergency and are led through the various stages of CPR training. They will have to identify hazardous objects and make time-critical decisions to gain their first aid certificate.

Start VR claims the solution reduces training time by 75% so that students can gain the qualification with one hour. “St John Ambulance Victoria are taking it to the next level by delivering a portable solution that ensures consistent premium training experiences, which are more efficient and economical. This life-saving training solution, enables businesses to train their staff on-site (a huge boost to productivity) and reach remote and busy communities who would otherwise find it difficult to receive training,” says Start VR, CEO, Kain Tietzel, in a statement.

“Our studio team have produced a suite of content that is interactive, cinematic and engaging, and through our Startgate platform, St John Ambulance Victoria can rollout their SJx initiative at scale,” Tietzel adds.

The VR course will allow students to attain the Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation certificate: “With thousands of people dying from cardiac arrest each year, it’s crucial that we make the process of undertaking first aid training accessible. Using Start VR’s invaluable expertise in virtual reality, we are able to ensure our students receive the highest quality learning experience while significantly cutting down the time it takes to deliver a market-leading first aid course in Australia,” comments St John Ambulance Victoria CEO, Gordon Botwright. “We are excited to pave the way for a new evolution of first aid training in Australia to improve cardiac arrest response times and ultimately, survival rates.”

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Start VR, reporting back with the latest updates.

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