Steam Once Again Breaks A Record With Close To 28 Million Concurrent Players

Steam is starting 2022 off on the right foot. We’re only two days into the new year and Steam has already broken its peak concurrent player record set only a few months ago.

Last November, Steam set a new record by having just over 27 million players all gaming at the same time. That comes after the last record from April was set at 26.9 million players. Today, however, Steam has come out swinging into 2022 with 27,942,036 peak concurrent players as of 10 AM ET, according to SteamDB.

Leading the charge is CS:GO with 867,000 players, followed up by DOTA 2 at 761,000 players and PUBG at 346,000 players. Apex Legends comes in fourth at 221,000 players, while GTA 5 comes in fifth at 159,000 players.

The top five games should come as no surprise. Valve just recently released its top games of 2021 and all five of those games headed the list. It seems like there are a few games that have climbed the ranks thanks to the Steam Winter Sale, however, as Witcher 3, MIR4, and 7 Days To Die are also placing high in the concurrent player charts today.

Steam seems to be breaking a record every few months. At this rate, I expect to be back here sometime in March to talk about another new concurrent player record set on the biggest PC games platform in the world.

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