Stray Launches "This Summer"

Stray is coming this summer. That’s according to an official tweet from the official PlayStation account that officially sets a time frame for Stray’s arrival.

In the tweet, Sony showcased “three of the can't-miss indies coming soon to PlayStation,” with Stray leading the charge. At the bottom of the screen read “releasing summer 2022.” We also found out that We Are OFK is also releasing later this summer, while Cult of the Lamb is releasing later this fall.

We’re narrowing in on a release date for Stray. The game was supposed to release at the end of 2021 but was delayed late last year to a vague 2022. Publisher Annapurna Interactive assured us last month that Stray was on track for a 2022 release date, and earlier this month, Stray received its Korean rating of 12 and up. That’s due to some mild violence and references to drugs and alcohol.

For those unaware, Stray has you play as a literal stray cat. Abandoned as a kitten, you venture out into a cyberpunk world populated by robots on a quest to reunite with the family that abandoned you. Along the way, you'll meet a helpful drone who'll serve as your inventory management system and let you interact with technology that litters the metropolis. You'll also be able to purr, scratch, and nuzzle up to friendly robots.

We’ve been really looking forward to Stray, and hope that it’ll get a firm release date soon.

Cult of the Lamb, meanwhile, is a new roguelike coming from Devolver Digital. Revealed last year at Devolver's online presentation, you play as a lamb saved from execution by a mysterious benefactor. In return, you set out to free other trapped animals to amass a cult following that can be turned into an army that'll assert dominance over the world. Just like every other cult out there.

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