Street Fighter 6 Adds WWE Star Thea Trinidad To Its Commentary Feature

One of the more interesting new features to arrive with Street Fighter 6 is a fight commentary function that makes your bout sound like a real-life esports broadcast. Capcom has hired real esports personalities to lend their voices to this feature in both English and Japanese. So far, we have Jeremy "Vicious" Lopez, James Chen, and Tasty Steve as English commentators and Kosuke Hiraiwa, Aru, and Demon Kakka in Japanese.

Now we have two more voices to add to the English voice cast, and they're both WWE wrestlers. Zelina Vega announced herself as a Street Fighter 6 commentator by running into last night's Royal Rumble dressed as the kick-happy Juri, while Thea Trinidad received a more traditional trailer announcing her participation.

For those unsure how this works, each commentator has a number of pre-recorded lines that get played on-screen depending on how the action is going. Some of them are pretty generic, like Trinidad's "she makes dangerous look good," but the game's AI can throw in some specific lines too. For example, if you and your opponent aren't throwing down hard enough, Trinidad will pipe in with, "If these two don't give me what I want, I may have to come in there and bust them up myself."

Capcom pairing up with the WWE is quite a surprise for the Street Fighter publisher, which has been flexing its muscle as a collaborative brand in recent years with crossovers in other game franchises. It seems rival wrestling promotion AEW also wants in on that action as wrestling star Kenny Omega will appear in Like A Dragon: Ishin as a Trooper Card (basically an in-game collectible that lets you summon people for help in battle). Omega's card is called "Essence of One-Winged Angel," which might mean we'll see Omega reprise his Sephiroth costume from Wrestle Kingdom 17.

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