Street Fighter 6 Fans Are Loving Marisa’s Win Animation

Street Fighter 6's second closed beta just ended and, if you're like me, you're desperately searching for something to vill the void left in your heart. Thankfully, Capcom TV was on hand to give us an in-depth look at some of the game's characters, including newcomers Marisa, Manon, and J.P. as well as returning characters such as Dhalsim, Dee Jay, and E.Honda.

First shared by Destructoid, you can check out the stream to see the fights for yourself, all of which take place after the 1 hour 48 minute mark. While there's some pretty cool stuff shown off via these fights, the star of the show for many Street Fighter fans was Marisa, an absolute beefcake of a woman who is swiftly becoming a fan favorite.

Marisa's match in the stream is against the suave gentleman J.P, in which she proceeds to absolutely pummel the poor man into the dust. It's Marisa's win animation that has fans infatuated though, as the character dons a Spartan helmet and gently picks up the defeated foe and cradles him in her arms. It's such a calm and collected win animation for one of the more brutal characters in Street Fighter 6's roster, with fans of the series already smitten.

As you're probably expecting, the replies to the tweet sharing the animation itself are filled with people begging to be picked up Marisa, as it seems Capcom fans specifically have a thing for big ladies. The quote tweets are also filled with people wishing they were J.P in that situation, as well as people claiming they're going to intentionally lose whenever Marisa appears just to be cradeled by her.

Unfortunately, it's going to be a while before we can experience a fight against Marisa herself as Street Fighter 6 doesn't launch until June 2, 2023. However, it's possible we could get more betas in the near future though as the game gets closer to launch.

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