Street Fighter 6 Will Let You Make Faces At Opponents

Street Fighter 6 seems like a massive refresh for the franchise, returning to its street-fighting roots while also bringing brand-new features. One of those features is an extensive cast of new characters, while another lets you express yourself in entirely new ways.

Capcom calls this Street Fighter 6’s new "Game Face Feature." As the two opponents literally face-off in the pre-fight screen, players can press the d-pad to assign an expression to their chosen character. In the brief teaser, Luke goes from confident smile to intense grimace to slightly dismissive, while Ryu goes from his usual intense glare to supremely bored to having an almost out-of-character grin.

"Show your attitude with the Game Face Feature in #StreetFighter6 by pressing directional buttons during the versus screen," writes Capcom. "Scowl at your opponent, act all smug, or confuse them with a mixture of rapid emotions!"

After making faces at your opponent, it looks like Street Fighter 6 will then have the usual pre-fight animations with snide comments from the two opponents, and then it’s fight time!

Street Fighter 6 doesn’t have a release date quite yet, but we might get one on June 13. That’s when Capcom is set to host its digital showcase, and it’s promised new reveals for previously announced games. This should include Street Fighter 6, but also the recently-revealed Resident Evil 4 Remake and its VR spin-off as well as the Resident Evil Village VR adaptation.

We might also get a confirmation on Street Fighter 6’s roster, which was just leaked online. According to the leak, players can expect most of Street Fighter’s most iconic characters to return as well seven all-new characters fighting on the streets of Metro City. You can read all about ‘em in our previous coverage here.

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