Study Models What The Human Hand Would Look Like If It Evolved For Gaming, Creates Nightmares

Hands. They’re what keeps us apart from the rest of the animals. That and our opposable thumbs. We can do a lot with our hands, from building rockets to brain surgery, but perhaps the greatest pleasure our hands can provide is using them to play video games.

(Although we should point out that you certainly don’t need hands to play video games.)

Our hands never evolved to interface with the many different styles of the controller, so our ability to play is always hampered by our biology. But what if we looked thousands of years in the future to a time when video games have become an everyday facet of the human experience? What might our hands look like then?

Well, brace yourselves, because casino review site Slotswise partnered with some game controller experts to imagine the perfect human hand–or at least, perfect when it comes to playing video games. You might not like what perfection looks like.

The pictures you see here “reveal what our hands would look like if they evolved for gaming in the future.” This includes giant, powerful thumbs to get precise control over those dual thumbsticks, as well as elongated index and middle fingers to tap over a dozen buttons, triggers, or paddles. Our ring and pinky fingers will recede into stubby claw-like appendages designed only to wrap around a controller’s grips and nothing more.

Simon Cornelius, managing director of game controller marketing agency Cornelius Creative Ltd, told Slotswise that the current trend in video games is for greater complexity and that likely means a larger array of inputs on controllers to account for it.

“An increase of buttons on the controllers means our fingers, specifically thumb, index and middle are doing more work and must stretch further, he said. “I would therefore expect an evolution of our hands to include a lengthening of those fingers, with fast reaction times. The ring and little finger would recede and possibly become more claw-like to wrap around the controller.”

Of course, this assumes that we don’t go down the PSVR2 route of simply making touch-sensitive buttons to give us more degrees of interaction. It also assumes that players won’t use their ring or pinky fingers to tap back-peddles like on the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller.

Or maybe humanity will finally give up on controllers and acknowledge the mouse and keyboard as the ultimate gaming interface. One can dream.

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