Subnautica: Below Zero – How To Kill Leviathans

No matter how terrifying the Leviathans in Subnautica: Below Zero might be, at some point you’ve got to stop being scared and take the fight to them. The means of killing Leviathans in Below Zero are a bit more limited compared to the original Subnautica. But don’t you worry, angry swimmer, there are still options.

Is there really any point in killing the Leviathans in Below Zero? Yes. If killed by a player, a Leviathan will not respawn. This isn’t completely necessary though, because when you get the Perimeter Defense upgrade for the Seatruck, they’re not even a nuisance. However, if you do want to kill a Leviathan, you know, for science, here’s how you do it.

The Old Prawn Suit, Grappling Hook, and Drill Arm

For any experienced Subnautica players, this combination is the most flawless method to eradicate Leviathans. It works just as well in Subnautica: Below Zero as it did in the original game, and Shadow Leviathans still can’t handle the sheer POWER of the Drill Arm. By the way, here’s our comprehensive list of the Leviathans in Subnautica: Below Zero.

Here’s what you need to make this happen:

  • The Prawn Suit – One of the coolest vehicles in Subnautica, it’s essentially a bipedal mech with armor and loads of upgrades. Prawn Suit Fragments are found in the Koppa Mining Site and the crashed Mercury II.
  • Drill Arm module – The fragments for the Drill Arm are found in the Koppa Mining Site and Mercury II, as well, which means you can get the suit and the arm at the same time. It’s then crafted at a Fabricator or Vehicle Upgrade Console.
  • Grappling Arm module – A bit trickier to find, but the Grappling Arm is found by scanning fragments in Sea Monkey nests in the Lilypads Biome. It’s the most important part of this method, though.

How To Kill A Leviathan With The Prawn Suit

Find a Leviathan and approach with a little less caution than you normally would. There are a couple of new ones to check out in Below Zero. Grapple onto the back of the Leviathan, ideally around the head. If you’re attached near those massive teeth it’s a whole lot harder for the Leviathan to attack your Prawn Suit. Proceed to drill into the back of the Leviathan. It’s as simple as that.

Tips for the fight:

  • Even with a perfect Grapple, you will likely still need to back off to repair your Prawn Suit in short intervals.
  • Both the standard Prawn Suit arm and Drill Arm module can be used to attack Leviathans, though the Drill Arm has a larger targeting area.
  • Leviathans have hundreds and hundreds of HP. It can take a while for you to eventually kill the Leviathan.

This is a difficult process, and it can take ages. There aren’t really any tips or tricks to it other than pummelling away at the Leviathan until it dies. The developers didn’t give players any weapons for a reason — even the Thermoblade is basically useless against the large fauna.

Use The Shotgun Command

If you prefer a slightly more laidback method of blasting Leviathans to pieces, you can just turn on the Shotgun command. Accessed via the game’s console, this is one of the dozens and dozens of commands in the game and is technically classified as cheating. However, taking out a bit of revenge on those pesky Leviathans every now and then is frowned upon by no one.

Remember, you should always save your game before activating any of the commands in Below Zero. They might make it impossible to unlock trophies and achievements, or cause bigger problems like corrupted saves. Best to experiment with these in Creative Mode before taking them into a survival world.

Here’s how to use the Shotgun command:

  • All you need to do is type in “shotgun” into the game’s console.
  • Right-click on whatever creature you want to kill.
  • Easy as that.

Get The Seatruck Defense Perimeter Upgrade

Although there are no offensive weapons in the game, there is a way of defending yourself: the Seatruck Defense Perimeter Upgrade. This is an upgrade for the Seatruck that enables the player to release an electric shockwave with varying amounts of strength. When powered up, this will send even the largest creatures swimming off. It will also cause Leviathans to drop your Seatruck from their jaws.

  • The Blueprint for this upgrade is found at Marguerit Maida’s Base.
  • To build the upgrade you need 1 Computer Chip, 2 Rubies, 1 Power Cell, and 1 Polyaniline.

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