Subnautica: Where To Find Nickel And The Best Uses For It

One of the raw materials that players often struggle to find in Subnautica is Nickel Ore. While you don’t need a lot of it, it is necessary to craft some pretty important things that are integral to your success. Fortunately, there are a few areas in which you can find it and a few tips that can make your life even easier.

It is also important to know what it is used for in crafting so you can determine what is necessary and what you might be able to go without. But be careful, as there are some spoilers ahead — so proceed at your own risk if you don’t want to know key components of the story in Subnautica!

Where To Find Nickel Ore

Nickel Ore, one of the raw materials in Subnautica, can usually be found in the Lost River, but it can also be located in the Inactive Lava Zone.

When venturing into the Lost River biome there are a few areas that you should look at, including:

  • Bone Fields
  • Tree Cove
  • Ghost Canyon
  • Junction
  • Ghost Forest

You will come across it as either a Large Resource Deposit, which you can learn how to mine in this guide, or as chunks that can be picked up off the seabed. They are silver in color and it can take some searching before you find any.

Luckily, most of its uses don’t come into play until later in the game and you only need 13 pieces in all throughout the course of Subnautica. However, before searching for it you should have a Prawn Suit with a Drill Arm unlocked, and it is a good idea to have a Scanner Room built in the Lost River biome to aid in your search.

Best Uses For It

While you only need 13 Nickel Ore pieces to craft everything, there are quite a few items that it is used for. It is mainly used for vehicle upgrades, but it plays a part in the ending of the game as well as you leave the many mysteries of Planet 4546B behind.

The items it is used to craft include:

  • Orange Tablet
  • Cyclops Depth Module MK2
  • Prawn Suit Depth Module MK1
  • Prawn Suit Jump Jet Upgrade
  • Neptune Escape Rocket Stage 1

Orange Tablet

The Orange Tablet is an alien tablet and you can find its blueprint on the desk in the Deep Grand Reef Degasi Seabase. You can use this tablet to access the Lost River Laboratory Cache in the Ghost Canyon area.

It is something that only needs to be made once by using the fabricator and its ingredients are as follows:

  • 1x Ion Cube
  • 2x Nickel Ore

Cyclops Depth Module MK2

The second upgrade module for the Cyclops is called the Cyclops Depth Module MK2. It allows you to take this vehicle an extra 800 meters below the surface, so it is definitely worth the upgrade at the Modification Station.

It is unlocked when you find the MK1 data boxes, which are located at:

  • Dunes Wreck
  • Lifepod 2
  • Grand Reef Wreck

The ingredients need to craft this upgrade are as follows:

  • 1x Cyclops Depth Module MK1
  • 1x Plasteel Ingot
  • 3x Nickel Ore

Prawn Suit Depth Module MK1

The first upgrade module for the Prawn Suit, one of the many vehicles in the game, is called the Prawn Suit Depth Module MK1, and it requires Nickel Ore. It will increase the depth to 1300 meters for this vehicle, allowing you to reach deeper parts of the seabed.

You can craft this by using the Vehicle Upgrade Console’s Fabricator which you placed in the Moonpool. The blueprint for this doesn’t need to be found, but many players do fail to understand where they should craft it.

It is also used to craft the Prawn Suit Depth Module MK2, so it is a requirement to build this one first before moving onto the next.

The ingredients you need to craft this upgrade include:

  • 1x Plasteel Ingot
  • 3x Nickel Ore
  • 2x Ruby

Prawn Suit Jump Jet Upgrade

Many players will tell you that you don’t need the Prawn Suit Jump Jet Upgrade, but if you want to try it out for yourself then you will need to find Nickel Ore. If you do equip it then it will increase the power of your thrusters for a longer period of time and give you faster acceleration.

The original vertical height is 56.8 meters, but the upgrade will bump you up to 135.8 meters. Those who do use it love to pair it with the Prawn Suit Grappling Arm to allow for an increased speed of travel, which can be useful when experiencing hot temperatures.

You can complete this upgrade in the Moonpool on the Vehicle Upgrade Console’s Fabricator and it is a blueprint that comes with this console.

The materials that you need to find in order to craft this are as follows:

  • 2x Nickel Ore
  • 3x Crystalline Sulfur
  • 5x Titanium
  • 1x Lithium

Neptune Escape Rocket Stage 1

If you want to leave the alien planet for good, then you need to build yourself a rocket. Nickel Ore is used to craft the Neptune Escape Rocket Stage 1 and all of the blueprints you need are found on the Aurora, one of the scarier biomes you can’t avoid.

Just head to the Captain’s Quarters and use the code 2679 to unlock the door, but each blueprint will remain unavailable until the previous one is completed. You can assemble this piece on the Rocket Base.

The items you need in order to craft the first part of the rocket include:

  • 1x Plasteel
  • 3x Nickel Ore
  • 2x Aerogel
  • 1x Wiring Kit

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