Summit1g Rages At Fake VALORANT Streamers

Summit1g lost his marbles on stream this week, unhappy with the state of the VALORANT category on Twitch – and rightfully so.

To the naked eye, it seems like VALORANT‘s beta launch has been nothing but a good thing for everyone. Viewership is skyrocketing for both Twitch and content creators, and users are able to get beta codes just by watching some gameplay. What could go wrong?

Well, the entire category of VALORANT on Twitch is completely ravaged by wanna-be streamers and fake accounts. As previously reported, the promise of getting a beta key has caused an unfortunate craze on the platform, creating a completely hollow illusion that the category is healthy.

Scrolling through the VALORANT section reveals a sea of uninspired cloned titles. Any semblance of originality and personality has been completely sapped dry. Hundreds of streamers are simply showing re-runs over and over with “24-7 drops enabled” plastered in their titles. If it had only lasted for a few days, things may have been a bit more tolerable, but this has become the game’s entire identity on Twitch over the past few weeks.

It’s really gotten to the point that things are comedic, Summit is going out of his way to sarcastically poke fun at the phenomenon. Even TimTheTatman joined in on it, commenting on how weird the need is to specify that your content is actually “live” on Twitch.

Popular business aficionado and streamer Devin Nash also lost his mind over VALORANT‘s recent fake account abuse. It’s clearly wearing on Summit. “It helps me burnout just a little bit quicker… VALORANT looks like a piece of shit video game right now.” Summit essentially went on a 10-minute rant about the disgust he has for the situation. The next day, Summit’s stream title read: “Drops Disabled. Content Only Stream.”

Regardless, some Redditors were surprisingly even-handed about the situation.

It is certainly true that more money for content creators, advertisers, Twitch, etc. is a good thing during this terrible low point in our economy. Summit’s frustration is undoubtedly warranted, but if there was ever a time for inauthentic, undeserving streamers to make money – it’s now.

Sources: Twitch, Twitter, Reddit

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