Sunday Gold: Chapter Three Walkthrough

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  • Should You Choose Gavin's Plan Or Sally's Plan To Bypass The Shield?
  • How To Stop The Amun-Ra Project
  • How To Defeat Cyborg Hogan

In the final chapter of Sunday Gold Frank, Sally, and Gavin enter Hogan Manor intent on bringing the evil billionaire down. The mansion is filled with secrets, hidden passages, and dangerous security systems, and you'll need to visit each room several times throughout your investigation.

Chapter Three also has a long side quest that challenges you to find seven security recordings. It's entirely optional and requires a large investment of AP to complete, but in a game where it's best to leave no stone unturned you might just find them anyway. Read on to learn all the secrets of Hogan Manor!

This guide contains spoilers.

How To Escape The Sitting Room

Chapter Three starts in the entrance hall of the Hogan Estate. As the group notes, the right-hand room isn't safe, and the stairs are blocked by lasers, so start by going to the Guest Sitting Room to the left of the stairs. Upon entering, a security door will slam shut, cutting Sally off from the rest of the team.

There's a lot to explore in the Sitting Room, but not all of it is relevant right away. Sally suggests breaking the cracked window, but doing so is simply a waste of AP as afterward she realizes that there is too much security below to escape that way.

There are three bodies strewn about the room; searching them costs Composure, but they have useful items. At minimum, you should search the body farthest to the right, which has a set of Plasma Knuckles. Don't equip them immediately, though, as any random encounters that pop up when you end your turn may be resistant to tech damage.

The Mermaid Statue near the door can be moved for an exorbitant amount of AP and a very hard Focused Might challenge. The security panel behind it requires Gavin to hack, so you can ignore it for now.

Search the bookshelves to the left and right of the fireplace to get a book of chess strategy and a biography of Beethoven. Next, look near the center window for an overturned chess table. Set it upright and plug it in, then use the chess strategy book. You'll be shown two possible game states that allow black to get a checkmate in one move.

Play chess at the table, and note which game state is currently displayed. The Knight's Treason from the book matches the board (although you may need to look at the chessboard from a different angle). Move Knight C6 – that is, moving black's only available Knight to the rightmost available tile – to force a checkmate. A compartment will open behind the fireplace.

You won't be able to reach the secret passage without putting out the fire first. Drag the center body, which is closest to the fireplace, over the flames to smother them, then pass through. A fight will trigger once you do, so be ready!

How To Escape The Game Room

A pair of FU-K9 activists will attack Sally upon entering the games room. They aren't interested in the fact that you share a common enemy, so fighting is the only option. Sally is outnumbered, so making judicious use of Counter will help even the odds. These enemies pack a punch, so be sure to heal if Sally's HP drops below half.

Once the assailants are defeated, search the box under the bar to find a pair of High Tactility Gloves. They're best for Frank since they improve his Lock Picking skill, but any character can use them to reduce the AP cost of searching.

Pool Cue Puzzle

Pick up the napkin on the left side of the bar and note the designs drawn on it. Next, inspect the cue rack against the far wall. Clicking on a cue will move it to whichever slot is currently empty, vacating its previous position.

The patterns behind the cues are a combination of patterns from three individual sticks. Place the cues such that their three patterns are all present on the design behind them; use the above image of the correct configuration as a reference.

When the pool cues are appropriately placed, the light over the pool table will turn on and reveal the message "Send the hares back to their shelter." The paintings on the wall depict seven, eight, and four hares from left to right. Place the five- and two-balls in the left pocket, the three- and one-balls in the right pocket, and finally the eight-ball in the center pocket. This adds up to match the balls in each pocket to the number of hares in the corresponding painting, and sinks the eight-ball last per the rules of pool.

When the puzzle is solved, a computer will appear in the pool table, and the game's perspective will shift to Frank and Gavin.

How To Escape The Dining Room

The cybernetic monster in the room to the right has left, so Frank and Gavin can now enter the Dining Room. Search the body in the doorway before entering to get a Frag Grenade and some meds. Once that's done, search the rubble just to the left of the stairs to get a piece of wood that can be used to pry the door open.

Once you're in the Dining Room, Sally will check in on the radio and ask you to look out for a marble statue. There's nothing matching that description in here, but there's plenty else to explore. Start by talking to the wounded assassin to the right.

Midway through the conversation the assassin will get riled up. You can either knock him out and take his stuff, or de-escalate the situation, giving him Painkillers in exchange for information. Either way, you'll get a keycard.

Next, look for a plate on the right-hand table. Move it to reveal a wine list. Nearby is a china cabinet – have Frank pick the lock to find a lead pipe which Gavin can use as a melee weapon.

Whichever character has the wine cask keycard can use it to enter a four-digit code at the far end of the room. The wine list shows Hogan's vintages from 2000 to 2009, but the vintage for Black Barrel is redacted. 2007 is the only year not represented from the listed range, so enter that as the code on the cask. A secret passage will open.

Before you leave, search the silver vase display on the left to get some cleaning supplies. You can also check the drawers at the bottom of the display; the first and fourth ones have meds, and the second drawer from the left has a combat knife that Frank can equip.

How To Solve The Garden Statue Puzzle

When you enter the tunnel, Frank and Gavin will emerge in the garden. The statue they're looking for is conspicuously placed in the middle. If you gave the assassin meds, you know that the password is the statue's name, but the nameplate is broken.

Start by having Frank pick the lock to the tool shed left of center. Inside you'll find a shovel and a maintenance manual for the sprinkler system. If you like, you can also search the leftmost flower bed to find some Stimulants.

On the right edge of the screen you'll see three holes. The character that has the shovel can dig them up. The one on the right has Prescription-Strength Painkillers, and the one on the left has a piece of the nameplate. The center hole contains two shots of Adrenaline.

Once you've dug up the nameplate piece, search the flower bed at the very right edge of the screen to find the other one. Return to the Dining Room and make that both the cleaning supplies and the nameplate pieces are carried by the same character. Have that character use the basin on the left side of the room to clean the grime from the nameplate.

Place both pieces at the foot of the statue to reveal her name, Eleanor. You'll return to Sally in the Billiard Room – type Eleanor as the computer's password and use path Security System > Disable Security System to open the blast doors and laser grids. The group will reunite in the Sitting Room – not only that, but everyone's AP will be refilled, and they'll all get a slight Composure refill! .

How To Defeat Kenny Hogan In The Study

When you return to the Main Hall, you'll be attacked by a trio of Cyborg Enforcers. Gavin's EMP Blast is exceptional in this fight, so have Frank use Motivate to give the hacker extra AP and let loose. Once they're taken care of, return to the garden and have Sally open the door to the Mausoleum. Inside, you'll find a rope.

You can also have Sally break open the sprinkler box in the tool shed, but it's not necessary at this time since you don't have the fuse you need to power the system.

Return to the Main Hall and search the body on the stairs to find a heavy revolver.

Make sure you're healed up, then enter the Study on the left-hand side of the landing. You'll encounter Kenny Hogan himself, who's ready to stop your meddling once and for all.

Hogan will summon a Cyborg Enforcer at the start of the battle, so you'll need to split your attention between the two foes. Gavin can keep the cyborg locked down with Overload while Frank and Sally pummel the billionaire.

Hogan himself can give himself the Fired Up status effect, so you'll want to increase your team's Avoidance whenever you can to keep him from building up too many stacks. Counter and Evasive Strike are both solid options in that regard. He's also completely immune to tech damage, so be careful which weapons and skills you use when fighting him.

As the fight progresses, Hogan will summon more cybernetic allies. EMP Blast doesn't harm the boss, but can help keep his bodyguards out of the fight. If you're short of AP, Crude Grenade is a good alternative.

Hogan has very impressive defensive stats, and can heal himself for 400 HP after a brief charge. Once the cyborgs are neutralized, have Gavin hit Hogan with Limb Strike to inflict a permanent debuff, making him harder to hit. From there, inflict as many stacks of Bleeding as you can to overcome Hogan's healing factor. His Bleeding stacks cap at nine, so once he's at the limit move to attacks with more base damage.

Once Hogan is defeated, he'll retreat into a secure room.

How To Find The Master Keycard

You won't be able to pursue Hogan without the house's Master Keycard. Start by using the ladder one the center bookshelf to find an insulated screwdriver. You can do the same on the left and right bookshelves to find some meds and a Frag Grenade, respectively.

The insulated screwdriver is used to open vents found throughout the mansion. You can use these to travel directly between rooms that you've previously visited without having to walk through the intervening areas. You'll need to do this to leave the Study, as the door back to the Main Hall has been locked.

Have Sally break open the lift control panel next to Hogan's escape door, and take the fuse inside.

Next, have Frank pick the lock of the safe under the desk to find the Golden Eye. Finally, place the Beethoven biography on the rightmost bookshelf to obtain a single piano key. That's all you can find here for now, so enter the door to the right to find the Master Bedroom. Start by picking up the Golden Bone from Sunday Gold's dog bed in the foreground, then have a look around.

You can search the bed to find a twelve-gauge shotgun, but if you found the slug shotgun in the previous chapter you don't need it since the slug shotgun is better in almost every regard.

Search the nightstand for some high-quality Painkillers and Tranquilizers, then have Sally move the dresser on the right side of the room. You can then use it to climb to the askew painting to the left of the window. Remove it to find a safe that Frank can break into. Characters need to climb onto the two dressers in sequence to get up to or down from the safe. Inside is an ornate electronic key.

Once you have everything from the Study and the Master Bedroom, use the vent above the center bookcase in the Study to travel to any other room, then return to the Main Hall. From there, you can enter the Family Room on the right landing at the top of the stairs.

If you stop by the Dining Room on your way to the Main Hall, you can use the Golden Bone on the lion statue in the middle of the room. Doing so will reveal a heavy pistol and heavy body armor.

Start by placing the Golden Eye in the statue on the central table, and searching the compartment that opens as a result. You'll find a Pain Suppression Device, which enhances the equipped character's damage resistance but lowers their AP, Accuracy, and Initiative.

Next, use the ornate electronic key to open the small box on the mantle. Inside you'll find a child's drawing, dated 23 May 2059. There's also a second electronic key in the shape of bull's horns.

Having found everything inside the manor up to this point, return to the garden and install the fuse in the sprinkler box. You can use vents to travel directly to the Dining Room. When the controls turn on, refer to the manual you picked up earlier to find the settings needed to drain the fountain:

FountainBottom leftOff (red)
GrassTop leftOn (green)
FlowersTop rightOn (green)
BasinBottom rightAuto (white)

After the fountain is drained, inspect it to find a set of musical notes. Take a picture the same way you photographed the evidence in Chapter Two; follow the reticule with your cursor until it turns green, then click. Use the vents to travel to the Family Room and play the piano to reveal the Master Keycard.

How To Solve The Trophy Room Puzzle

Take the Master Keycard to the Billiard Room and use it on the reader behind the bar. Doing so will open a secret door on the left-hand wall, by the dartboard. Prepare for a fight before entering, as you'll be attacked by a Cyborg Enforcer, Heavy Guard Dog, and Hogan Thug when you do. You can also use the keycard on the gun case on the right side of the room to get a combat rifle.

When the enemies are defeated, examine the portrait of Hogan on the far wall. You'll find a button – press it to reveal a box containing a katana that Gavin can equip. To the left of the portrait you can also use the Master Keycard to open a door leading directly back to the garden.

You can also search the couch in front of the elephant to find some Prescription-Strength Painkillers. There are also some combat items, including a Frag Grenade, inside the elephant itself.

Use the Bull Key to open the glass case on the left-hand side of the room, and take the taxidermy bull head inside. Next, you'll need to arrange the trophies on the four pedestals to the left of the elephant. The plagues on each pedestal give clues as to which animal goes where. The correct order, from left to right, is:

  • Rhinoceros
  • Gorilla
  • Bull
  • Tiger

As soon as the trophies are in the correct order, another secret passage will open and the team will be attacked by Sunday Gold, triggering another boss fight. The monstrous dog is largely unchanged from your previous encounter at the end of Chapter Two, so with your improved gear and fully-leveled characters shouldn't be too much trouble.

If you equipped the katana right away, Gavin can inflict both Fracture and Bleeding with Limb Strike, giving you a strong opening to the fight!

How To Solve The Meeting Room Puzzle

Once Sunday Gold is driven off, go down the newly-revealed staircase to reach the basement. You'll find Hogan's personal whiskey distillery and conference room. Open the distiller in the bottom-right corner of the screen to get a whiskey thief, then turn the valve on the pipe just to the left of the distiller.

When the valve is turned, a keg on the left-hand rack will move slightly. Have Sally push it to reveal a secret compartment on the other side of the room. Searching the compartment reveals a Sensory Blocker Module, which reduces the Initiative of the equipped character but causes them to take less damage and stress.

Take the silver tray from the bar on the left side of the room, then bring it to the Dining Room. Place the tray in the empty slot on the silver cabinet to unlock the third drawer, and you'll get a Pinpoint Targeting System and Hollow-Point Ammunition!

Back in the basement, there's a conspicuous indentation on the near edge of the conference table. You need to find whatever goes there to proceed. Return to the Master Bedroom; you'll need to use a vent to get to the Study, since the door from the Main Hall is still locked. Once there, use the Master Keycard to open the door out to the balcony.

Inspect the telescope and take the star compendium attached to it. You don't need to observe the stars through the telescope itself. You can, however, use the rope from the mausoleum on the balcony railing to create a shortcut to the billiard room.

Return to the study and inspect the globe, then take the dart that you find stuck in it. Doing so activates the holograms on the four surrounding pedestals. Each hologram depicts a world landmark, and the symbol on the pedestals represents a room in the house. You've probably seen artworks representing the landmarks throughout the mansion, so the challenge here is to match each landmark hologram with room containing the appropriate artwork.

Two LionsMain HallPyramids
Three Dog HeadsMaster BedroomStonehenge
TridentSitting RoomTaj Mahal

When the configuration is correct, the globe will open, revealing a silver badge. Go to the basement and place the badge in the indentation. A computer will appear at the head of the table – have Gavin hack it to see what's inside.

The computer interface shows several lines and dots – by pressing the designs lined up along the bottom, you can create different constellations. Using the device you got from the telescope, set the monitor to display Canis Major. The device will be in the lower-right corner of the screen, so you don't need to jump back and forth to look at your inventory.

Press the two centermost buttons on the top row and the leftmost button on the bottom row to complete the constellation. Yet another staircase will appear; descend further below the mansion to proceed.

How To Find All The Security Recordings

Scattered throughout the mansion are seven security recordings that can be found to get more insight as to Hogan's plans and unlock an Achievement called The Walls Are Listening. Each recording is on a hidden panel that must be revealed and then hacked by Gavin. If you've missed any and want to collect them all, do so now before destroying the electromagnetic shield in the laboratory.

RoomPanel Location
Main Hall
  • Examine the portrait at the top of the stairs and press the hidden button you find.
  • The panel will open underneath the right-hand lion at the bottom of the stairs.
Sitting Room
  • Move the Mermaid Statue with Sally to reveal the panel.
Game Room
  • Throw the dart you took from the globe in the Study at the dartboard.
  • The panel will appear between the dartboard and the secret passage to the Trophy Room.
Dining Room
  • The panel is in plain sight on the right side of the room.
  • Examine the bust on the desk, then push the head back and press the button it reveals.
  • The panel will appear to the right of the desk.
Master Bedroom
  • Play the lyre held by the statues near the door.
  • The panel will appear between the heads of the Cerberus statue.
Trophy Room
  • Examine the beaver trophy to the right of the elephant and press the revealed button.
  • The panel will appear directly behind the beaver.

Should You Choose Gavin's Plan Or Sally's Plan To Bypass The Shield?

The hidden lab under the mansion is where Hogan's cyborgs are made. When you inspect the electromagnetic shield on the far side of the room, you'll be presented with two options; Gavin can reprogram a cyborg to overload the shield, or Sally can break things until the shield loses power. Gavin's method is faster, as Sally's will provoke several fights with security bots, but if you're low on consumables it can be a good idea to use Sally's method so that you can get a few more items from the enemies you encounter.

Whichever choice you make be sure to search the barrel on the right side of the room. The Low-Profile Exoskeleton inside is an excellent upgrade for Sally.

Cyborg Hijacking

Start by examining the incomplete cyborg on the left side of the room. It's missing an arm and a leg. Have Frank pick the lock on the green container in the bottom-right corner of the screen, and you'll find exactly those components. Give both to Gavin and have him install them on the cyborg.

Next, the cyborg needs to be injected with bio-neural fluids. Look for a barrel to the right of the shielded door, and have Sally muscle it into position. This Focused Might challenge is harder than usual, even if Sally's Strength skill is at maximum and she has the exoskeleton equipped, so you may need to try more than once.

With the barrel ready to be lifted, have Gavin hack the computer terminal on the right side of the room. Once you're in, use path Manufactory Control > Activate Robotic Arms.

Lower the rightmost arm and move it left twice, then activate it. The barrel will open, allowing you to use the whiskey thief to get precisely 100mL of bio-neural fluid to be injected into the cyborg. Do so, then have Gavin hack the monitor that powers on above the operating table. You can now order the cyborg to destroy the shielded door. When you're ready, enter the lab.

Sally, Doing Sally Things

Sally plans to use the robotic arms around the room to cut cables and eventually remove the door's power supply. Start by having Frank pick the lock on the tank doors on the right side of the room. Pull the cable behind it out of the wall and defeat the Security Turrets that appear. Destroy the single floating drone first, as it can heal the others! Do the same on the other side of the room, opening the tank door in the background.

Next, have Gavin hack the factory management computer and use path Manufactory Control > Activate Robotic Arms to power up the two arms on the left side of the room.

Move the left-hand arm to the right once, then activate it to grab the barrel above. Similarly, move the right-hand arm to the left once, then activate it. When both barrels are grabbed, log back into the computer and use path Manufactory Control > Activate Emergency Arm Reset. Doing so will trigger another battle, this time against two Cyborg Enforcers and two Security Drones. Again, destroying the drones first is key as they will heal their allies.

With all four power conduits destroyed, all that's left is to have Sally force open the blast door.

How To Stop The Amun-Ra Project

If you still need some extra gear, there's a cabinet to the left of the door inside the Amun-Ra Lab that contains a heavy pistol and EMP ammo. Equipping both to Sally if she doesn't already have them is a very good idea.

Have Frank pick the lock on the panel at the far left side of the room to get an electronic key. Next, access the computer just behind the operating pod. You can't abort the Amun-Ra procedure without both keys, so start by using path Lab Control > Toggle Laser Grid Configuration to open a path to the lower level.

Search the dead scientist at the top of the stairs to get a dose of Adrenaline, then pick up the key at the bottom. Give both keys to the same character and have them examine the Chamber Control panel directly underneath Hogan.

Before you can insert the keys, you need to enter a code. The correct answer is 23052059 – the date of the final drawing done by Hogan's daughter, which you found in the family room. When the code is entered, you'll need to enter a separate code for each key.

Back out from the terminal and look at the monitors at the top of the room. They're quickly flashing blue and green digits. To determine the code for each key, watch carefully and determine what number the monitors would display if all four showed the same color.

Left Key (Green)Right Key (Blue)

Enter the codes and insert the keys, the hit the big flashing ABORT button. As it turns out, even this won't stop the procedure, so all that's left is to turn off the power. Have Sally stand near the Chamber Control panel while somebody else toggles the lasers from the upstairs computer. She can then pull the left-hand cable out of the wall. Toggle the lasers again, move Sally near the Chamber Control panel, and toggle the lasers a third time. Sally will be able to reach the right-hand cable; pull it to begin the final battle.

How To Defeat Cyborg Hogan

Hogan opens the fight with Mental Assault before you have a chance to do anything at all, eliminating most or all of every character's Composure. This means that you'll have a very small window on each turn to choose an action before characters panic. Have Frank use Appease until everyone's Composure is restored while Sally and Gavin attack Hogan. Gavin should open with Limb Strike to inflict Fracture, while Sally pummels the boss with the Plasma Knuckles you found earlier in the chapter.

Cyborg Hogan is weak against tech and blunt damage. A critical hit from Gavin's Overload can inflict thousands of damage, so use it as often as possible. The boss hits like a ton of bricks, so around mid-fight Sally will need to switch to healing. If Hogan summons an ally, don't worry too much about it – just focus on beating the main boss.

Second Phase

When Hogan's HP are reduced to zero the fight ends, but a second battle soon commences with both Hogan and Sunday Gold. Sunday Gold fully heals if his HP gets too low, so you need to eliminate Hogan first.

You can use Gavin's EMP Blast to heavily damage and possibly stun both bosses, which will make it easier to land hits and inflict debuffs. Both Hogan and Sunday Gold attack relentlessly, so be prepared to have Sally use Resuscitate if a character comes under a sustained attack from the two of them. Watch for Hogan to charge an attack; when he does, Guard with everyone to render it ineffective. This also has the benefit of removing Hogan's stacks of Fired Up.

The first time Hogan's HP reaches critical levels, he has a nasty surprise for you – he fully heals and removes all status effects. You'll need to re-apply any debuffs you had on him. Shortly afterward, he will hit your team with another Mental Assault and give Sunday Gold a massive fifty-percent damage buff. Use high-damage skills like Uppercut and Headshot to quickly finish off Hogan before Sunday Gold can do too much damage. This is easiest if EMP Blast or Overload manages to stun him.

Once you've worn down Hogan's health bar again, this time he'll stay down and the job is done.

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