Sunset Riders Is Coming to Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4

Great news for nostalgic players who love arcade classics, as several coin-op favorites are headed to console, including Konami’s famous side-scrolling shooter Sunset Riders. The game was a favorite for years at arcades in either two or four-player cabinet variants, and also on the SNES and Sega Genesis. Although no firm launch date has been listed, the game is set to release on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

The plot was straightforward with players taking control of one of four bounty hunters named Steve, Billy Cool, Bob, and Cormano Wild who sought to claim large cash rewards for taking out the worst of the Wild West. While the gameplay was as simple as moving from the left side of a level to the right and blasting every opponent that stood in your way before facing a boss, the bright colors, catchy music, and fast-paced action made this a game that players could return to again and again.

The premise of Sunset Riders was imitated in other games, even by Konami looking to duplicate its success. Mystic Warriors: Wrath of the Ninjas was released in 1993 and has a similar style and theme to Sunset Riders, though it is longer in its overall number of levels.

For those who might not be familiar with the 1991 game, take a peek at this long play video below. A quick look at the gameplay style might bring up memories of a similar but more contemporary series, Metal Slug. This would be an apt comparison at a basic level as there is certainly a familiar feel between the two, though Sunset Riders is far more simplistic in its weapon design and animations.

Along with Sunset Riders, both Gradius (1985) and Trigon (1990) will also see a console release. These games all fall into the familiar theme of being classic shooters with fast-paced action and will make great additions to any console library, especially when friends can get together for local co-op to relive the old arcade feeling.

There is no word yet if these games will feature online play. Given how much better these all are when playing with other people, it seems like a no-brainer to include an online feature. As more and more retro games are picked up for a contemporary re-release, some developers do a better job at others at polishing up older titles for a new audience.

Double Dragon & Kunio-Kun Retro Brawler Bundle is a perfect example of how to take older games and give them a star treatment for an audience that has likely never played them. There were new localizations added, plenty of options for viewing the screen with a crisp and modern look or replicating an older television feel, and online play for all 18 of its retro games bundled into one package.

Keep an eye out for the release date of Sunset Riders, it is sure to be a hit upon release!

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