Super Lone Survivor Heading To PC And Switch In 2021

Indie developer Jasper Byrne made the surprise announcement this weekend that his critically acclaimed 2012 horror title Lone Survivor would be getting a remake on PC and Switch next year. Titled Super Lone Survivor, this second stab will include a reworked script, 4K resolution support, ultrawide monitor support, and an additional campaign not present in the original.

In a blog post on developer Superflat Games’ website, Bryne writes, “I’m considering difficulty modes.” The original is notorious for being difficult, though it plays into the psychological themes that the story deals with. Still, it would be nice to offer accessibility options for those that simply cannot play the main campaign.

The new scenario will be titled “Ascending,” and will mostly act as a sequel to the original campaign. “I still have no idea how long Ascending will be,” Bryne writes. “I don’t want it to spiral, but then again the story feels relevant right now. By packaging it with the original game, it removes the pressure to do a full sequel, something I never intended to do.”

This may be your first time hearing about Lone Survivor, but it really is an excellent title. Combining elements from Silent Hill with sidescrollers, it remains one of my favorites games from 2012. A version currently exists on PC, PS3, PS4, and PS Vita that I’d strongly encourage you to play.

Sadly, Byrne didn’t find much success with it and even gave up game development for a short period. This second stab at Lone Survivor is likely something to get him back into the game, which I hope becomes fruitful for him.

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