Super Smash Bros. Mod Gives Sora His Christmas Town Outfit

Just in time for the holidays, one modder has added Sora's Kingdom Hearts 2 Christmas Town outfit to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, complete with custom physics and unique portraits. He has his black-and-white outfit, little Christmas hat, and even his unique candy cane Keyblade.

"Introducing my entry for the Smash Ultimate Winter Contest!" the mod page's description reads. "I thought what better time to release this mod then on Halloween! A nightmare before Christmas if you will… I had a lot of fun making this so I really hope you enjoy!"

If you haven't played Kingdom Hearts 2, Christmas Town is a compliment to Halloween Town from the afformentioned A Nightmare Before Christmas. It's here where we fight Oogie Boogie and the Experiment, and as its name would suggest, it's all themed around Christmas. There are elves, reindeers, and even Santa Claus himself. And when visiting, Sora gets the Christmas outfit that's used in this mod, Donald Duck dresses up as a snowman, Goofy as a reindeer, and Jack Skellington as Santa.

The mod swaps Sora's c01 outfit for the Christmas-themed version, and it "should be WI-FI SAFE since the original skeleton has not been touched". The mod page does clarify, however, that it "has not been tested online" and so you should be wary trying it for now.

We have Sora in a festive getup to enjoy, but maybe modders will rope in Santa himself and a few festive-themed maps to complete the set. Alternatively, you can get stuck into Kingdom Hearts 2 and explore Christmas Town properly – it's available for free with PS Plus as part of the 1.5+2.5 bundle, coming with several of the spin-offs. The Final Mix version comes with What A Surprise?! and Happy Holidays! to boot.

If you're not fond of Christmas, though, you can always download a mod that gives Sora a shotgun. That'll show those festive sods, eh? Or stick with the Christmas Town costume. Maybe that's for the best.

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